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Gold Infinity Ring Set

Charm & Chain:
Charm Only:
Item: ED268
His & Hers Gold mobius ring Set
His & Hers Gold mobius ring Set His & Hers Gold mobius ring Set His & Hers Gold mobius ring Set
Our Price: $1,550.00 +

His Ring Size:  Hers Ring Size:  His Gold Color:  Her Gold Color:  His Text - Front
His Font for Front
His Text - Back
Select Font for Back
Her Text - Front
Her Font for Front
Her Text - Back
Her Font for Back
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Story Size

Add your partner's name or your wedding date to the inside/outside of this infinity twist band set. The obvious inspiration for these 14k solid gold bands - the Möbius Strip - is a profound symbol for love, connection, and commitment. You choose the gold color, text, font, finish and layout for a completely custom experience, only with Metal Pressions.Contact us today for your custom wedding band set.

Each ring is available in yellow, rose, white or green gold.

Material: Gold


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