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About Us & Our Custom Made Jewelry

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About Us - Custom Hand Stamped JewelryFor as long as Elisha can remember she has been dabbling in all things crafty. Her forays into the handmade crafts and jewelry world started back in her college days with custom designed oil lamps that she sold to local shops. As time went on her horizons expanded into other types of crafts like stamping and scrap booking. Around 10 years ago she was introduced into the world of hand stamped and handcrafted keepsake and photo jewelry by a close friend. Her skill and expertise developed quickly as did her passion for making beautiful jewelry.

At the time her full time career limited her to practicing her craft as a part time affair or, as her husband likes to describe it, an accelerated hobby. Like many other hand made jewelry designers around the country, the crossover from part time hobby to full time work came when Elisha left her career to raise her children. In her spare moments she somehow found the time to grow her business.

After a little of prodding, she convinced her husband, Andreas, to help with the business by developing a website for her jewelry designs. With a background in internet business systems analysis, web marketing, and a stint in technical manufacturing, he was quick to identify opportunities to help her make and market great products. Together they have created a vision to bring you outstanding crafted hand stamped jewelry, an innovative shopping experience, and exceptional customer service. The end goal is to provide jewelry products at the quality, price, and convenience of the big internet jewelry sites but with the hometown feel of your local mom & pop shop.

We are constantly working hard to source the best silver, gold, and copper necklaces, bracelets, key chains, earrings, charms, pendants, and gems. At the same time we are always working to improve our process to deliver you a superior product than the competition. We have spent countless hours refining our process of stamping, texturizing, blackening letters, and polishing. There are lots of options for customized & personalized jewelry on the internet and we are confident that our hand stamped jewelry is the best.