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Framed Silver Cuff Links with Raised and Cutout Accents

Item: ED323
Framed Silver Cuff Links with Heart Accents
Framed Silver Cuff Links with Heart Accents


  • (1) Sterling Silver Square Cuff links w/ Sterling Silver rim, 3/4" Wide
  • (1) Heart Cut Out, Small 1/4"x1/4"
  • (1) 14k Heart, Small (about 4mm)

Story Size

Refine and personalize your style with cleverly designed Sterling Silver framed cuff links: a punch out on one and a gold soldered element on the other. Hand stamped with the initial of the bride and the groom or children's names and finished with a silver frame. We have several punch out shapes and raised soldered shapes to choose from.

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Material: Mixed/Other


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