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Mothers Ring with 1 stone and Gold Heart

Charm & Chain:
Charm Only:
Item: ED423
Diamond Mothers Ring
Diamond Mothers Ring


  • (1) Silver Ring - 5 mm, 6.5 - (Satin)
  • (2) Period Stamp, tiny
  • (1) Dark Red - Jan/July, 1.5mm
  • (1) 14k Heart, Small (about 4mm)

Include a note with any text, fonts, or placement specifications.

Story Size

Start each day with a grateful heart! I am so grateful for all of my blessings big and small. My heart bursts with love and thankfulness for my child is born! This hand crafted ring symbolizes a thankful heart and functions as a reminder of the treasures of life! A hand formed silver band is finished with a 14k yellow solid gold heart and hand stamped with the text that you choose and a diamond birthstone accent.

Once you click the Black Customize Box, you can begin entering your personalization by clicking on the text in the illustration that pops up. Feel free to add or remove elements as you see fit. One of a kind and gorgeous!

Material: Mixed/Other


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