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Become a Metal Pressions Reseller Today

Dear Reseller

Dear Reseller,

Metal Pressions is making something absolutely amazing happen in the world of personalized jewelry. As a retailer, you can benefit from our unique service and quality products by becoming a preferred reseller. is changing the way to sell personalized jewelry and we want to establish a preferred relationship with your firm. We know this letter is a bit long, but if you take the time to read it from start to finish, you will see why Metal Pressions is turning the custom jewelry design business on its head.

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handmade persoanlized jewelry
handmade personalized jewelry


Andreas Argentinis


First, a Little About Us...

At Metal Pressions, we create the finest handmade personalized jewelry to meet our customers' high expectations. We take rough ideas and turn them into stunning realities. We are a small family-owned business located in Savannah, Georgia and our passion for design excellence, exceptional quality, and world class customer service is obvious.

Metal Pressions items are made to order and every character is an individual tool, making crisp impressions into unique gold and silver items.

Our current line of jewelry and accessories includes necklaces, bracelets, pendants, charms, key chains, tie clips, money clips, cuff links, and more. Customers can select from over 20 font combinations and have text on the front and back of most items in any orientation or placement. Raised soldered elements, cut out shapes, and flush set stones can also be added to our products.

As a husband and wife team, we work diligently to offer the most flexible options possible when it comes to personalized jewelry products. We continually design new ways for customers to personalize, customize and embellish their unique jewelry design ideas.

Launching a New Business, Learning Customer Preferences & Expectations

Early on we found out that customers want to see the product design before it is made. Verbal descriptions and existing samples would not suffice. Some customers sent pictures from cell phones of hand drawn designs on cocktail napkins while other customers painstakingly created mock-ups in WORD or even Photoshop. The message was loud and clear – "SHOW ME MY JEWELRY DESIGN!"

After scouring the web, we realized the few online jewelry tools out there were not fulfilling this need for customers. The existing online jewelry sites were (and still are) entirely too restrictive to make what customers want. As the light bulb clicked in our heads, we saw the opportunity to revolutionize the online customer personalized jewelry shopping experience.

Let the Revolution Begin...

After three years of research and development, Metal Pressions is proud to announce the release of the Online Jewelry Designer, our ground breaking WYSIWIG jewelry design tool. The software is simple and the ability to design is unrestricted. Turning designs into reality is quick and easy:

  • Choose a chain
  • Add charms, gems, and other embellishments
  • Select fonts and add text

The Design Space gives you (and your customers) total freedom to control any design element. Your customers can place any item in any position on the front or back of the design. All you do is click to add, then drag the item to the desired position. Keep it simple or go all out! Your designs are visible in an instant! Customers can save their designs to retrieve at a later date or they send a link and share the design with a friend.

What's in it for Our Preferred Reseller Partners?

  • First, as a preferred Metal Pressions reseller, you protect your customer base by offering online custom jewelry design capabilities.
  • Second, you expand your product line with no investment in inventory.
  • Third, you increase revenue and profits.

Become a Preferred Reseller Today!

We'll call you in the near future to discuss how Metal Pressions can become a key part of your future product offering. In the meantime, feel free visit the website and test out our revolutionary online design tool.


Elisha Argentinis                                                            Andreas Argentinis
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