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Wide Men's Bracelet

Charm & Chain:
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Item: ED137
Thick Mens Silver Cuff
Thick Mens Silver Cuff


  • (1) Men's Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, 9" (22.86) - (Satin)

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Finding a great silver men's cuff can be difficult. At Metal Pressions we try to make it easy as possible. If you are stumped for an idea to customize a design try this design with a famous quote from President Roosevelt.

At one of President Roosevelt's addresses he said, "A sound body is a first-class thing; a sound mind is even a better thing; but the thing that counts most in the individual and the nation, is character, the sum of those qualities which make a man a good man and a woman a good woman.” We love the quote and the way it fills the cuff. Get yours today with Metal Pressions!






Material: Silver


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