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Silver True Love Charm

Charm & Chain:
Charm Only:
Item: ED390
Silver True Love Lingers Valentine's Day Necklace
Silver True Love Lingers Valentine's Day Necklace


  • (1) Silver 2 mm Flat Link Oval Cable Chain, 18" (46cm)
  • (1) Silver Rectangle, Thin (16 mm x 38 mm) - (Satin)
  • (2) Pave Letters and Numbers, X
  • (7) Asterisk Stamp ( * ), tiny (1mm)

Include a note with any text, fonts, or placement specifications.

Story Size

How would you define true love? Everyone has their own definition of what true love means to them. This charm necklace captures the feeling of being in love that overwhelms you after a passionate kiss. We used a variety of fonts in a fun jumbled layout, accented with a pave XO instead of the word kiss to keep this design fun and in the spirit of the innocent days of infatuation.

Material: Silver


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