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About us

FamilyFor as long as we can remember, we’ve been a family that’s dabbled in all things crafty, from making custom oil lamps to scrapbooking. Around 15 years ago, we were introduced to the world of hand stamping jewelry and handcrafted keepsakes by a close friend, and we instantly fell in love. Following on the heels of the dot com boom (and really the digital revolution as we know it today), we began to ask ourselves an even more ambitious question – what if we could turn our growing passion for creating custom jewelry into a new way for customers to shop for jewelry? After all, it was their most intimate moments, stories, and statements we were helping to capture.

Before long, we had realized that in pursuit of our own passions, we ended up creating a business out of creating exceptionally crafted, custom, personalized jewelry, an innovative shopping experience, and amazing customer service that allows us to bring joy to so many people.

To this day, we’re relentless in our pursuit of continuing to create new personalized silver and gold jewelry, be it, stone setting, engraving, or forging entirely new ways to help people bring their ideas to life. Although we know there's a near-endless number of options for customized and personalized jewelry on the internet, we are confident that the pieces and overall experience we deliver to our customers are second to none. (Our Etsy ratings seem to do a pretty good job of showing that too!)

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