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Happy St. Pat's 2018

It’s the time of year that everyone in Savannah becomes a little bit Irish. It’s no secret that Savannah has the best St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the world. Heck we don’t even call it St. Patrick's Day… we call it St. Patrick’s Month ;-) If you’ve never been you need to add it to your bucket list.


We got a little inspired and turned out these beauties….  Erin go Bragh!




Random Act of Kindness 2017

Every year during a time to reflect on all the things we are grateful for we are bombarded with marketing and sales promotions. A few years back we decided to lower our prices all year long and stopped participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year we plan to do the same, but we will bring back our Holiday Random Acts of Kindness.

Know someone that could use an unexpected heartfelt gift this year?

Tell us their story and what you would make for them. We will select a couple of your stories and make special gifts that you help design, free of charge. It’s our way of saying thanks and our honest effort to stay true to the spirit of the holiday.

Submit your story to [email protected] by December 1st.



Saying goodbye to Black Friday and Cyber Monday was actually a good business decision

Ahh the holiday shopping frenzy is upon us. It’s a love hate relationship that small retailers wrestle with. We love the rush of sales, but we’ve got to play the Black Friday game, and that game has evolved from a simple one-day promotion into a kerfuffle of suckfest. Retailers sell their souls and discount like maniacs to entice buyers to sacrifice their precious time to fight for limited deals on stuff you can find anywhere. We’ve tried to play the game and I‘ve always questioned why.

A couple of years ago we started doing something different for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, NOTHING…  and it’s been working out swimmingly well. We lowered our prices to what we felt was fair across the board for the entire year and stopped offering discounts. Don’t get me wrong, on the big sales days we still answer calls, respond to e-mails, chat, post photos and send reminders for holiday cutoffs, but no sales or discounts. Not one for the entire holiday season or ever since then.

This year we’ve kept basically the exact same strategy except with a small addition, we started a random acts of kindness campaign.  We sent one e-mail this year asking our customers if they knew anyone who could use an unexpected heartfelt gift… you know that person that took an unfair punch to the gut by life.  As the stories come in, we’ll pick a couple of folks, help design, and make a little something special at no charge.  At the end of the day jewelry isn’t going to save the world, but we’re just trying to make an honest effort to stay true to the spirit of the holiday.  Maybe the gesture adds a little bright spot to someone who needs a glimmer of hope.

I remember at the time we opted out of the chaos of the holiday sales madness, a company named REI got some press for boycotting the shopping holiday.  Not sure if they were the first, but they didn’t hold any punches and closed 143 stores on Black Friday in 2015. Our choice to opt out didn’t have the same pizzazz as REI, so we’ve never really felt like it was anything special to talk about.  Since then lots of other brands have joined the movement while others try to joy ride the hype by sacrificing being open on T-Day.  I've decided to bring it up today because we’ve learned some very interesting things over the past couple of years that are worth sharing.

Like REI, the initial motivation was values. Is there nothing sacred in this world anymore? I’m not a holier than thou type of person, but things were starting to get ridiculous and we were contributing to the problem. Since we started in 2008 we tried to keep up with larger organizations and the national brands. We tried to match their insane discounts and make customers jump through hoops only to get the handful of unbelievable deals.

It’s always been completely exhausting as a small handcrafted business and something I dreaded. We enjoy the pop in sales but the planning and work isn’t really all that simple. The distraction diverts precious resources away from doing what we do best. Two years later we learned that, aside from sleeping well at night, there are some other benefits for giving Black Friday the middle finger:

No Meaningful Difference in Sales
At the end of the day it’s net profit not gross sales that matter. When you take into consideration the higher profit margin of a non-discounted sale, we have not seen a significant difference in our bottom line. In fact we are doing better even though we might have a slightly lower number of sales. A higher average order value and better profits make that up for that slight decline.

Happier Employees and Family
I remember as a kid that no one did squat for 3 or 4 days during Thanksgiving. If you goofed up and forgot to buy cranberry before Thanksgiving you were screwed. Now grocery stores are open for at least part of the day and these sales require everyone to be on high alert all the time. Did the e-mail go out on time? Is the sale up? Is the coupon working? Oh shit the website is down, get your ass out of bed and call the web guy now! We still work the day before and the day after T-day, but now they are lower stress days. Missed us on Friday? No stress, price is the same on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday…

Happier Customers and Fewer Complaints
We’ve got a core base of customers that we grow slowly over time. They get us and have spent a considerable amount of time, for lack of a better term, stalking us online. When they buy they understand who we are and what they are getting.  They often miss the limited promotions that can leave them feeling a bit miffed. The ones who do snap up the deals, more often than not, find issues with the product or customer service. I used to think that maybe they were a lower quality of customer, but that’s not the case. The promotions cut short the period of time that they get to familiarize themselves with us and make an informed decision if our style matches theirs.  Sales promotions on artisan-handcrafted goods create a sense of urgency and rob the customer of the courtship process that creates a unique bond between the customer and us. Those unhappy customers might have normally been die-hard loyalists if they just weren’t rushed!

I’m sure I could spend additional time and come up with some more poignant observations about the benefits of ditching the sales frenzy, but I’ve already wasted enough of my time on Black Friday. The bottom line: I get why the big boys might need it, but, for us little guys that grind our fingers daily, it doesn’t make much sense.

Metal Pressions featured in MJSA Retail Link


We joined MJSA with the hopes of getting some exposure and it turned out to be one of the best decisions we made with our small business. The membership introduced us to some high end jewelry stores across the country that we are now working with. We will try to get a list up soon of the stores that are bringing our collaborative design experience to your home town.


Samples of our jewelry are on pages 28 & 29:

 Design Your Own Jewelry with our exclusive Online Jewelry Design Software (click the picture to take you there):


Hurricane Matthew Update - How we were affected

Being that we are located in Savannah, many customers and vendors have reached out to us to see how we fared during and after Hurricane Matthew. We expected our friends to be checking, but it’s been a pleasant and unexpected surprise to have an extended family thinking about our well being.

Mother nature spared our business and our home, but some of mankind wasn’t well… as kind. We were very fortunate not to have any storm damage at our studio location or our home, but after the storm, while we had evacuated the city, some looters kicked in the front door of our house. It sounds bad, but the damage and loss was very minimal. We took a lot of measures at our business and our home to minimize our exposure for an unlikely event like this. Packing or securing all the things we could not live or work without. Those decisions proved to be very good ones. The city of Savannah’s decision to lift the evacuation order this Sunday and allow us to come home after almost a week of leaving has helped to restore order to our town.

We are lucky to have so many friends and customers concerned about us… many of who are more upset than we are. I can honestly say that we don’t have any feelings of anger or feelings of being violated; rather we are full of gratitude and maybe have a little pity for the offenders. Luckily our burglars were also gracious enough to not do any additional vandalizing. They rummaged through a few things, didn’t take much and left, so we continue to count our blessings.

As we have returned to Savannah and are getting back in gear to make jewelry, we are constantly reminded how fortunate we are. Despite being disappointed by one side of humanity in a trying time, we see more of the good that people are capable of as Savannah recovers. We don’t have words to explain how grateful we are that your support has put us in a situation that events like this don’t end up as major setbacks.

Thanks again for the kind words, support, and patience as we get ramped back up.

Andreas & Elisha

Choosing a Finish - Which is the right one for my Jewelry Design?

You've been dreaming about your perfect jewelry design for quite some time. The material, the shape, the layout, the text....in your mind you have hashed out the details time and time again. As you are about to complete your design at Metal Pressions you say to yourself eek! I haven't even thought about the finish... "what should I choose"?  It is pretty common for us to be working through a design with a customer and when asking questions, all of the details about their idea come quickly. But when it comes to the finish, there is often an overwhelming sound of silence. "I hadn't thought about that" they often reply. We then embark on a short series of questions with that customer to identify the finish that will suit their design and lifestyle best. Here is a summary of a description of our finishes and when and why you may want to choose one for your design.

 Wide Cuff Bracelets with Various Finishes


A highly reflective, mirrored finish most commonly found in traditional jewelry stores. While initially striking with it's reflectiveness, the lustre can fade quickly when selected for jewelry that you wear everyday. If you are not gentle with your jewelry or plan to wear it constantly, you may want to consider a different finish.

Polished Rose Gold Money Clip

Polished Gold and Diamond Pave Name Necklace
Bright Satin

A great alternative to polished. The only difference is that it doesn't show a clear reflection. Polished finishes tend to dull down and dull finishes tend to brighten up through processes of burnishing (clinking, clanking, banging, dinging, denting). At the end of the day, many items like rings and bracelets that see a lot of wear and tear naturally end up at a bright satin finish over time.

BFF Breakaway Guitar Pick Pendant in Bright Satin Finish


For those who want something a little more subtle and muted, our satin finish is a great choice. A matte finish that will not show any reflection on the surface. Silver or gold will have a soft look and lettering and stones tend to show more prominently with this finish.