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Metal Pressions featured in MJSA Retail Link


We joined MJSA with the hopes of getting some exposure and it turned out to be one of the best decisions we made with our small business. The membership introduced us to some high end jewelry stores across the country that we are now working with. We will try to get a list up soon of the stores that are bringing our collaborative design experience to your home town.


Samples of our jewelry are on pages 28 & 29:

 Design Your Own Jewelry with our exclusive Online Jewelry Design Software (click the picture to take you there):


Hurricane Matthew Update - How we were affected

Being that we are located in Savannah, many customers and vendors have reached out to us to see how we fared during and after Hurricane Matthew. We expected our friends to be checking, but it’s been a pleasant and unexpected surprise to have an extended family thinking about our well being.

Mother nature spared our business and our home, but some of mankind wasn’t well… as kind. We were very fortunate not to have any storm damage at our studio location or our home, but after the storm, while we had evacuated the city, some looters kicked in the front door of our house. It sounds bad, but the damage and loss was very minimal. We took a lot of measures at our business and our home to minimize our exposure for an unlikely event like this. Packing or securing all the things we could not live or work without. Those decisions proved to be very good ones. The city of Savannah’s decision to lift the evacuation order this Sunday and allow us to come home after almost a week of leaving has helped to restore order to our town.

We are lucky to have so many friends and customers concerned about us… many of who are more upset than we are. I can honestly say that we don’t have any feelings of anger or feelings of being violated; rather we are full of gratitude and maybe have a little pity for the offenders. Luckily our burglars were also gracious enough to not do any additional vandalizing. They rummaged through a few things, didn’t take much and left, so we continue to count our blessings.

As we have returned to Savannah and are getting back in gear to make jewelry, we are constantly reminded how fortunate we are. Despite being disappointed by one side of humanity in a trying time, we see more of the good that people are capable of as Savannah recovers. We don’t have words to explain how grateful we are that your support has put us in a situation that events like this don’t end up as major setbacks.

Thanks again for the kind words, support, and patience as we get ramped back up.

Andreas & Elisha

Choosing a Finish - Which is the right one for my Jewelry Design?

You've been dreaming about your perfect jewelry design for quite some time. The material, the shape, the layout, the text....in your mind you have hashed out the details time and time again. As you are about to complete your design at Metal Pressions you say to yourself eek! I haven't even thought about the finish... "what should I choose"?  It is pretty common for us to be working through a design with a customer and when asking questions, all of the details about their idea come quickly. But when it comes to the finish, there is often an overwhelming sound of silence. "I hadn't thought about that" they often reply. We then embark on a short series of questions with that customer to identify the finish that will suit their design and lifestyle best. Here is a summary of a description of our finishes and when and why you may want to choose one for your design.

 Wide Cuff Bracelets with Various Finishes


A highly reflective, mirrored finish most commonly found in traditional jewelry stores. While initially striking with it's reflectiveness, the lustre can fade quickly when selected for jewelry that you wear everyday. If you are not gentle with your jewelry or plan to wear it constantly, you may want to consider a different finish.

Polished Rose Gold Money Clip

Polished Gold and Diamond Pave Name Necklace
Bright Satin

A great alternative to polished. The only difference is that it doesn't show a clear reflection. Polished finishes tend to dull down and dull finishes tend to brighten up through processes of burnishing (clinking, clanking, banging, dinging, denting). At the end of the day, many items like rings and bracelets that see a lot of wear and tear naturally end up at a bright satin finish over time.

BFF Breakaway Guitar Pick Pendant in Bright Satin Finish


For those who want something a little more subtle and muted, our satin finish is a great choice. A matte finish that will not show any reflection on the surface. Silver or gold will have a soft look and lettering and stones tend to show more prominently with this finish.