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2013 New Year's Resolution Jewelry Design

It's that time again...  reflect on the past year and think about what the future may bring. For many of us that includes making some resolutions and setting some goals. More often than I would like to admit, while my intentions are good, my execution falls short. I'm sure I'm not the only one. It's New Year’s Eve, the drinks are flowing and everyone is talking about their big resolution. It always seems to turn into a cornucopia of "one-upsmanship".  Lose a zillion lbs, run a mile every day for the rest of my life, become a yoga sifu, save the world....


The next morning (or afternoon ) you're at your local grease pit trying to subdue the damage from the night before, the resolution just a faint memory. It doesn't have to be that way. This year is going to be different.


To help me along with my resolutions and goals in 2013, I had Elisha make me a resolution key chain to ensure the commitments I make at midnight don't fade away. In the images below you can see the design I made using our online jewelry design software and the final product . I used a 1" silver charm and silver key chain ring. You can also retrieve the design with the online jewelry design software and make it your own.

Here are the things I put on my resolution key chain:


1. 2013 The year of success – In spite of all the negative vibes reverberating of the fiscal cliff chatter, I wrote this to remind me to be chronically optimistic this year.

 2. 20 lbs - Pretty obvious stuff here. Elisha is a good looking lady... gotta keep her interested ;-).

 3. 3x - Business growth goals. I know it’s a tall order, but I was born to dream big and achieve.

 4. Top 100K - That's the site ranking I want to get MetalPressions.com to.

 5. III - Jiu Jitsu - Keeping focused to get the third stripe on my blue belt. I seem to have let life side track my training. This year I want to get back to being competitive.

 6. 100% - Customer Satisfaction - That's what it's gonna take to get to 3x last year’s numbers!

 7. Greek - I know a little Greek and want to learn some more. Maybe even teach my kids some too with the help of Rosetta Stone.

 8. Shark Tank - We love the show and often daydream about being on it. I think we are going to apply to get on.


The key chain goes a little beyond your typical New Year’s Resolutions, but it is a fun way to remind yourself about what you want to achieve.


What are your News Years Resolutions and goals for 2013?


The Brew/Drink/Run Necklace - A gift for a beer brewing & running nut - Giveaway

We've got a few of these crazy friends of ours who like to participate in the monotonous recreation of running. While I have dabbled in it on occasion, and admittedly think the events are rather exciting, I just can't bring myself to do it as my main form of exercise. As a long time wrestler, I spent endless hours running to lose weight and think the experience may have ruined running for me. I've made the leap from wrestling to jiu jitsu and prefer to do that than put one foot in front of the other trudging down a black slab.

Now that I have proclaimed my distaste for running, I will admit I can appreciate those who do it with conviction, drive, and purpose. I often ask people why they run. Some respond that they run for the exercise, social interaction, or the incredible feeling the get when they are done. I have a small group of friends who do it to run off the beer they drink... not just any beer, but rather the beer they make. A worthy reason to run.

They have created a group of friends local and around the world via their blog Brew/Drink/Run that love to do just that. They talk about home brewing, write craft beer reviews and chat about running. They assure me that they usually don't run right after drinking their home crafted beer.

 The Brew/Drink/Run folks were working on a gift guide for the running beer nut and approached us for some ideas. We came up with this fun silver rectangle bar necklace for the running brew geek. We put their blog name one the front and took some novel nicknames for the craft beer aficionado and placed them on the remaining sides. The charm has a satin finish and is hung on a leather adjustable necklace. They loved they design and agreed it's something their fans would wear proudly.

Design your own Men's Silver Necklace


The necklace we made is part of a giveaway that they are holding on the site.
Click here to enter if you like beer and run, or know someone who does.



Tips to Design Your Jewelry Online - Add and Remove Base Products - Necklaces and Bracelets

Our online jewelry design software allows you to make the most amazing personalized jewelry. When you start a new design the best approach is to select your necklace or bracelet chain first. We call these base products. Here are some details about base products:

  • They will always be the lowest layer in the design. We'll explain more about layers later, but all you need to know now is that all other items will be on top of a base layer.
  • There can only be one base product per design.
    • If you want to order multiple necklaces/bracelets with different designs, you will have to create each one separately and them to the order one at a time.
    • If you want to order multiple of the same design, you can update the quantity in the shopping cart after it is added to the order.

Here is how to add, change, and remove base items in the Metal Pressions Jewelry Design Software.

  1. Load the Software - The Category Tab will be selected first and you will see  list of components and options on the right.

  2. Select a main Category or Subcategory.
    Selecting the main category will display all the items. So if you click on Necklaces, you can scroll to see any of the varieties we carry. There is a scroll bar on the right so you can view all of them.  If you know you want a specific material like 14K, just click on that link to only display 14K chains.

    *** (Hint - When you hover your mouse over in item a brief description pops up )

  3. Click on the chain you like.
    The compete description will populate in the blue box. The size drop down box will also become available.

  4. Select your size form the drop down menu.
    Click "Add new Item"

  5. To update the item select a different chain and the click add. This will remove the original item and replace it with the new item.
  6. To remove the base item altogether, click the "remove base product" link towards the bottom center of the screen.

Here are some images to help: