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Personalized 14k Gold Marathon Jewelry


Running a marathon takes a special level of commitment and focus. It’s no wonder that when a person completes a marathon they want to memorialize that accomplishment. We are regularly approached by athletes of all sports to design jewelry for all of their achievements.

This piece was a last minute request from a husband. He wanted to give his wife a special gift to celebrate her first marathon. He was looking for a gold flat bar necklace. After discussing gold color options, layout and fonts he came to this beautiful combination. After she completed the race he came back and ordered a white gold bar with her time. This really rounded out this mixed gold tiered necklace.

 A 14k rose gold wide washer was the choice of this runner. She chose a unique way to commemorate her achievement by using the coordinates of the Boston Marathon finish line. We helped her get this information by using geo-positioning tools so she would have the exact location. Coordinates are a great way to keep that special place close to your heart and mind.

Hats off to these ladies, what an accomplishment!

Create your own marathon gift, start here:

- 14k Rose Gold Flat Bar
- 14k Yellow Gold Flat Bar
- 14k Rose Gold Rolo Chain
- 14k Rose Gold Washer


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Contemporary Fashion - 14k Gold Hammered Pendant


Modern Mommy 14k Gold PendantWhether it’s a name, date or quote many of our customers are looking for pieces that include text in some fashion. On occasion we’ll have customers approach us looking for more visual designs.

This customer was having trouble finding a company to make the design she had envisioned with the quality and accuracy she required. She made it clear that the spacing of the circles on the piece was very important to her.

We took great care in making her charm necklace to her specification. The 14K gold charm, hammered finish, concentric circles, and diamond create visually striking affect.

Here are all the pieces you’ll need:

 - 14K 1" Charm
- Genuine Flush Set Diamonds
- 14K Gold Chains

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Bull's Eye Gold Pendant

#Personalized Mixed Gold Mother's Necklace

Yellow, white, and rose gold are the most common colors of gold our customers are familiar with. Many of them don’t even realize that green gold exists. When we have a customer that is looking for something little different and unique, we recommend adding green gold to their design.

Hand Stamped Solid Gold Hammered Name Necklace

Mixing gold colors on one necklace opens up many possibilities for designs. These necklaces are a great example of that. The round charm necklace pictured was made for one of our international customers. She described her self as having a classic style with a little bit of adventure. She wanted an everyday necklace with her three kids' names on yellow, white, and rose gold charms. She loved our fun fancy font and added small fancy hearts next to each name. When she had her fourth child she returned to get another charm. She was delighted to find out that we could make the last charm in green gold and continue her theme of a different color for each child.


The mixed colors give this necklace an eclectic look, while the continuity of the text layout really pulls the design together as a whole. The subtle green gold is just noticeable enough peek people's interest enough to comment on how unique your necklace is.

14k Gold Flat Polished Bars


Take a look at these two mixed gold necklaces

from our Etsy shop!

 - Gold Round Discs

 - Gold Flat Bars



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14k #GoldHeart #Friendship Necklaces

Over the years we've made some great friends, near and far. Today is Friendship Day so let's celebrate the connection you have with your #bestie! Show your other half how much you love them with this hand-cut 14k gold split apart heart necklace. Have an #insidejoke hand stamped on the front and back of these charms. Each hang beautifully on a 2.8mm 14k gold flat oval cable chain. These charms feature a simple, uncomplicated layout in our most legible font, block and a polished finish.


Customize your set:
- 14K BFF Heart Charm Necklaces With Chains
- 14K BFF Charms - Without Chains


Want to see if your text will fit? Call Us!


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Rimmed 14k Gold Charm #MommyNecklace

Adding raised accent shapes is a great way to add more depth to your charms. For those of you that want to go a little beyond the simplicity of a single name on a charm, these accents fill vacant space well without making the design too busy. This set of charms is a great example of using a few different shapes and sizes of 14K sunburst, moon, and star accents. We worked with this customer showing her several shapes,  sizes, and color options. After a few previews she selected the version that mixed the colors and used the clean simple Block and Cap Subcap fonts.


14K Personalized Framed Charm Necklace

Create your name charm necklace with these items:
- 14k Yellow Gold Chain
- 14k Yellow Gold Charms with Rim
- 14k Rose and Yellow Charm with Rim
- 14k White Gold Accent
- 14k Yellow Gold Accents


What to see options and mock ups?

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#YouAreMySunshine My Only Sunshine! 14k Rimmed Oval #Lyric Necklace

Many of us share a similar fond memory of our mothers or grandmothers singing the song “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine" to us as children. The memories come rushing back when we finally have the opportunity in life to have our own families and sing our childhood songs to them. Staci contacted us with a request make a charm for her mother. She wanted to commemorate the special memories this song has for them.


Staci really wanted to have a full phrase of the song on the charm but wasn't sure if it could be done or what it would look like. We used our online jewelry designer to show her what the text looked like on few different charms and in a couple of different arrangements. She finalized on the 14K rimmed oval with a spiral layout. Every letter was hand stamped into the gold. We added diamond chandelier accents as the final touch. It all hangs beautifully from a 14k solid gold ball chain necklace.

Get this elegant necklace  with the same song quote and your custom text on the back.


Purchase these items to customize your own:

 - Pendant

 - Chandelier Accent

 - Diamonds

 - Chain



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As Long as I Live - 14k Solid White Gold Rimmed Cuff Bracelet

 Robin D. came to us with a little dilemma. She wanted to get her husband a special solid gold 14K bracelet but she had two problems: One, he's not the jewelry wearing type; Two, he's a big guy. When she shopped around she would find some things that he might like, but it wouldn't be offered in his size. We worked with Robin taking all the elements she wanted and incorporated them into her design in a size to fit the love of her life.

Stunning would only begin to describe this custom piece. We took our 14k solid white gold wide cuff bracelet and made it better! Her anniversary was commemorated with 14k white gold raised Roman numerals and a rim on each edge. The thick design with the clean simplicity of the raised letters is great for even the most finicky of guys. Robin tucked a sweet little message on the inside to remind her hubby that he's the "one". 

Robin followed up with us later to let us know the final verdict.... "he has worn it every day since he got it"

Personalize it now!

 14k Solid Gold Rimmed Cuff Bracelet

Add Letters and Numbers Too!
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