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Shop for Jewelry Like You Never Have Before - Design a Jumble Necklace at Metal Pressions

If there’s one thing that gets us excited in the shop it’s a “jumble necklace” order. These arrangements truly utilize the customization process that we offer and they always come out stunning!

As you’ve probably heard us say before, “Design options are endless at Metal Pressions”.  We know that this can be overwhelming to some and luckily we’re here to help!

When this customer came to us she only knew her custom text and that she wanted multiple charms in different shapes, but she couldn’t visualize her necklace any further. This was the perfect time for us to employ our online jewelry designer to show her some different layout examples. Our innovative software is crucial to our process because it helps you get your creative juices flowing and visualize your end result. It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of the design process and make your dream become a reality.

These necklaces move with you, so creating depth is a necessity to overcome the inevitable overlapping of charms. It’s easy to add depth on a jumble necklace by using multiple charm shapes and by combining rimmed and non-rimmed charms. This necklace furthers the illusion of depth by the contrasting 14k yellow gold rims and raised elements on sterling silver. You can also enhance the feeling of movement by applying multiple font types and text orientations. For a finishing touch add flush set diamonds to catch light and add some sparkle.

One of my favorite things about jumble necklaces is their wearable diversity. Wear all the charms together for a statement piece or just one or two for a more minimalistic look – they can easily be changed out to fit your mood. So what are you waiting for? Start designing yours here!



The Perfect Thank You Gift to Say Goodbye - A Personalized Money Clip


Recently, one of our long-time employees, Shannon, moved on to pursue another career. While we were excited for him, it was bittersweet to part with someone who has been with us from nearly the start. How do you convey your appreciation to a person that committed themselves to working at a small family business? Just saying the words can be nice, but may still lack the impact that matches their service. To thank Shannon properly, we followed the advice we so often give our customers; giving a gift that you take the time and effort to thoughtfully design will stand the test of time. We wanted something that would remind Shannon of how grateful we are for the years he spent at Metal Pressions. After some brainstorming with the team we decided a money clip was the perfect item.


Money clips can be the ideal gift for many occasions, and like our recent recommendation for Key Chains, are great for people who are fashion averse. We chose to create a simple design on the front with our new  soldered 14k gold letters. We added a touch of subtle sophistication with a black diamond beside the initial of his last name. On masculine designs we lean toward a clean bolder look.


The back of a money clip has the real estate we needed to add a longer personal message. We hope that every time he takes it and looks at it or just feels the impressions, it brings a smile to his face. The money clip came out perfect and the back says it all. 



Product Spotlight: The Sophia Necklace - Horizontal Name Plate Necklace


I don't know about you but I'm always on the hunt for the perfect piece of jewelry, a piece I never want to take off. This necklace fits the description to a T. It goes with everything, is eye-catching and features my favorite little girls name :)

This design is so popular with our customers that we reference it constantly in the shop. Instead of saying 'horizontal name plate necklace' or 'flat rectangle charm necklace' we call it the 'Sophia Necklace'.  Small and sweet just like her. 

While it is popular as is,  it's no surprise that customer ask for variations of the design.  Many have requested changes in length, material & adding diamond birthstones to their necklaces. If you have more text, you can opt for two lines or get your text centered rather than left of right justified.

If you have more than one name to feature, you can get two necklaces of varying lengths and plate sizes and wear them together.  The Ryan bar is a little longer than the Ava bar and the chain length is also a little longer.  When worn together, this makes for a very stunning look!



Inpirational Quote Jewelry - What Inspires You?

Small Silver and Gold Rimmed Charm Necklace

Have you ever thought of putting your favorite quote on a piece of jewelry? It's exciting to create something that motivates you and helps keep you focused on a goal and an end result. Using a mixture of fonts is ideal for quotes because it adds emotion to the statement which emphasizes how it relates to the recipient. It's all about emotional connection when it comes to inspirational gifts. 'May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows' makes a great wedding or birthday gift. 


Rimmed Mark Twain Quote Charm






Or maybe you know someone who just got a new job in the Big Apple.  Here is a fantastic congrats gift and something that will be sure to motivate them until they make their mark in New York!






The possibilities are endless with with our wide variety of items to choose from for men and women. Here are some other examples of unique money clips, key chains, bracelets and pendants that we have created with meaningful quotes to help get your creative gift giving juices flowing:Gold Einstein Quote Pendant

Oscar Wilde Quote Money ClipSterling Silver Quote Key Chain



Got a quote but need help with layout?

Give us a call!


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Earrings make a perfect last minute gift!

Looking for a last minute gift? A set of custom earrings are a perfect choice! Not only are these great for any age, but we also offer sets to fit nearly any budget. Whether you're looking for simple silver studs or a solid gold pair of dangling earrings, we're sure to have something they will love.

Last minute situations are our specialty; she needed this gift by the next afternoon! This customer had always admired our rimmed coordinate charms and wanted to make a set of earrings out of them. After discussing sizes, materials and more she opted for an all sterling silver set. They turned out great and she was able to present this beautiful gift on time. Sometimes we feel a little like super heroes.. :)

Over the years we have added hundreds of raised accents to charms. Then we thought, 'these would make the cutest studs'!  So we started offering them and they have been such a hit with our customers.  We realized then that this was a category of jewelry we'd been neglecting and we've been offering new designs and options since.  Choose from studs, hanging charms, wire earrings and more. Nearly every piece can be customized down to the personalization or material.

Looking for something you don't see? We can probably create it! Just give us a call. 912-771-1133.

Sterling Silver Wire Hook Earrings

Not Into Jewelry? Go for a Personalized Key Chain

Want to give a meaningful personalized gift to someone, but you know they aren't the jewelry wearing type? We've all come across that special someone who is nearly impossible to shop for. Any effort, direct or sneaky, to unlock the secret to the ultimate gift is met with indifference.

If you often hear a long drawn out "Meh" when you hint at a beautiful piece of jewelry or make a fashion suggestion, then maybe a personalized key chain is the perfect solution. Our key chains are fashioned from the same material and with the same care as all of our jewelry, making a perfect heartfelt gift they can keep with them at all times, but not interfere with their overly selective fashion sense ;-)

These personalized key chains include special dates, quotes and initials in a few different layouts. We recently discussed graffiti jewelry designs in a post and this style is great for key chains as well. On the example to the left, we took a customer's new years resolution and turned it into an eye-catching daily reminder to help her reach her goals.

 Just about any charm can work on a key chain. Just select a key chain ring and then add a custom personalized charm of your choice.


Checkout these other design ideas for your next gift!


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Silver Key Chain

Custom Heart Key chain


Personalized Custom Key Chain

Yoga & Pilates - Jewelry for the Mind, Body & Soul

Owning your own business while raising three kids can be very demanding. Especially when you take into account that crafting handmade jewelry can be physically demanding. To deal with the strains and stress, I decided one thing I could do to be at the top of my game was to get in shape.

About a year ago I started focusing on my fitness and health more than I had in a long time. I’ve gone through several of the Beachbody programs and I am currently in the middle of PiYo.

This is my first experience with Yoga and Pilates. It might not be a traditional format, but I can understand why our die hard Yoga and Pilates customers are so passionate about it. The improvements I have seen in my strength, flexibility and mental focus are addicting.

We’ve made lots of jewelry over the years for dedicated practitioners of these art forms. Here are a few simple jewelry designs that incorporate symbols,sayings, and mantras. Keeping those concepts and ideas close can help them stay in the forefront of your mind. That added focus is sometimes just the thing you need to stay on course and achieve success.

White Gold and Rhodium Plating - Why We Don't Do It

When it comes to white gold at MetalPressions.com we differ substantially from what you might find at your typical fine jewelry store; we do not rhodium plate our white gold.

White Gold is Plated?

Maybe you weren't even aware that white golds are almost always plated. They are plated because today's white gold alloys are a darker color than silver, platinum, or palladium. As you may know, any Karat gold less then pure 24K gold is an alloy and contains varying amounts of other materials. Those other materials effect the color and can make it range through a whole host of colors including: bright yellow, warm yellow, green, pink, and white. White gold may contain palladium, nickle, silver, copper, and zinc. The exact combination of these materials will effect the hue of white color the gold has. We have heard claims that older white alloys may have been brighter than today's alloys. These rumors imply that today's darker alloys use less expensive material becasue of the availability of plating to make them appear brighter. Why add more expensive materials to make the white gold brighter when it's going to be plated anyway? We couldn't find definitive proof that this was true. We did find that even some of the whitest white gold alloys still look considerably darker than silver.

What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a very expensive but brittle metal that doesn't work well for solid jewelry applications. However, it is an excellent material for plating and with a bright white hue.














Why is White Gold Rhodium Plated?

If its whiter is it more valuable?

There are several reasons why its typical for white gold to be plated. As discussed above, a brighter white color is sometimes preferred. Similar to yellow gold, where often a brighter yellow is associated with a higher karat of gold, a more brilliant white gold might viewed as more valuable.

Wow, that ring is unbelievably brilliant!

Other times designers may call for the more brilliant and reflective rhodium plating to help set off diamonds in a design. The high reflectivity can enhance the brilliance of a stone and possibly give the illusion that the stone is bigger or there are more diamonds than there really are.

Got allergies to nickel?

The majority of white gold alloys contain nickle, sometimes in the range of 15% of the total composition. It's understandable when compared to a palladium white gold composition without nickle that can be as much as 40% more expensive. There are several studies that report 10% - 20% of the population as having a nickle allergy of varying degrees. For those with a sensitivity to nickle, rhodium plating helps prevent the skin coming in contact with the nickle in the white gold. That works until the plating wears away over time.

Why Don't We Plate Our White Gold?

The truth is we just never thought to do it. As self taught jewelers with little influence from the mainstream traditional jewelry industry, we didn't have good reason to pursue plating. Where others may frown on the darker color of un-plated white gold, we embrace the deeper color as a distinction from the brighter materials. We find that when you do add diamonds to natural white gold, the darker background can make them stand out considerably more than on a bright surface. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with using plating to set off a stone, but we tend to focus on making an element look good for its size and placement. Our genre of jewelry doesn't lean toward optical effects to increase perceived value. Many of the designs we make have subdued finishes for a warm and more subtle look. For all those reason and the fact that we don't like the idea our of customers having to regularly re-plate items, we opt not to Rhodium plate our white gold.

What Type Of White Gold Are We Using?

Our white gold has a medium gray color that is noticeably different than silver. It sets itself apart from the mainstream and is equally as effective and stunning in it's own right when used in our designs. If you are looking for unique and bold, then our white gold is for you. Our white gold does contain nickle, so if allergies are an issue, customers can request the more expensive palladium white gold without nickle or (as a last resort) Rhodium plating.

Here are some white gold listings of the items pictured:

Solid Gold Bar Necklace

White Gold Wide Rimmed Pendant Necklace with Diamonds

White Gold Wedding Bands

White Gold Washer Necklaces

White Gold Mobius Twist Ring

Interested in a white gold design?

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2013 & 2012 Top Baby Names

In April of last year we reported the Top Baby Names  and trends for 2011. The social security department distributes data on births and names annually. By April they still had not released the information for 2012 so we just presented data from 2011.

2012 To baby Names
Rank Boy Names Girl Names
1 Jacob Sophia
2 Mason Emma
3 Ethan Isabella
4 Noah Olivia
5 William Ava
6 Liam Emily
7 Michael Abigail
8 Jayden Mia
9 Alexander Madison
10 Aiden Elizabeth

We finally had a chance to dig up the data and can give you a summary for 2012 & 2013. Some congratulations are in order for Noah and Sophia for taking the number one name spots. Sophia continues her reign of the top spot for three years in a row, while Jacob got ousted from his two year stint as the champ.

2013 Top Baby Names
Rank Boy Names Girl Names
1 Noah Sophia
2 Liam Emma
3 Jacob Olivia
4 Mason Isabella
5 William Ava
6 Ethan Mia
7 Michael Emily
8 Alexander Abigail
9 Jayden Madison
10 Daniel Elizabeth

Jacob has some consolation in the fact that names for boys that started with the letter J were more popular than any other letter. For girls, the letter "A" takes the cake with 17% of girl names starting with the lead letter of the alphabet. Those letters have held their respective top positions for the past three years.  So who's at the bottom of the top 1000 baby names? Augustine and Aurelia were dead last in 2012 and Darien and Collins replaced them in 2013. And the least used letters? For the past three years, without much surprise it's X for boys at .004% of names and U for girls at 0.0% of names.

It's note worthy that in the past three years not one girl name with the letter "U" has made it into the top 1000 names. What happened to Ursala? We know she is the evil queen from the Disney movie "The Little Mermaid", but aren't we far enough away from 1989 to break that spell?

Mom and Baby Silver Cuff Bracelet Set

The bottom line is that if you are looking for some really unique names, look at the end of the top 1000 names. There are lots of names that are used way less frequently and year over year vary considerably more than the top 100.


And the most popular Baby Gift? Year over year our Solid Sterling Silver Baby Cuff Bracelet takes the prize. Make it a matching set with our Full Sized Silver Personalized Cuff for mom.

2012 Popular First Letters
for Names
Letter Boys   Letter Girls
j 10.60%   a 17.50%
a 9.30%   m 10.10%
c 7.70%   k 9.40%
m 7.10%   l 7.20%
k 6.70%   j 7.30%
b 6.70%   c 7.10%
d 7.10%   e 6.00%
r 6.70%   s 5.70%
l 4.40%   b 4.10%
t 4.80%   r 3.80%
e 4.40%   h 3.00%
s 4.20%   d 3.00%
g 3.50%   g 2.50%
h 2.30%   n 2.50%
n 2.10%   p 2.20%
f 1.90%   t 2.30%
p 1.70%   i 1.60%
z 1.50%   v 1.20%
i 1.70%   z 1.10%
w 1.50%   f 0.90%
o 1.10%   w 0.50%
v 1.00%   y 0.60%
y 0.70%   o 0.20%
q 0.50%   q 0.10%
u 0.40%   x 0.10%
x 0.40%   u 0.00%
2013 Popular First Letters
for Names
Letter Boys   Letter Girls
j 10.40%   a 17.00%
a 9.40%   m 10.10%
c 8.00%   k 9.00%
m 7.30%   l 7.30%
k 6.70%   j 7.00%
b 6.60%   c 6.70%
d 6.60%   e 6.30%
r 6.60%   s 5.60%
l 4.70%   b 4.00%
t 4.70%   r 4.00%
e 4.40%   h 3.20%
s 4.20%   d 3.10%
g 3.60%   g 2.60%
h 2.30%   n 2.60%
n 2.10%   p 2.40%
f 1.90%   t 2.20%
p 1.80%   i 1.80%
z 1.60%   v 1.20%
i 1.50%   z 1.20%
w 1.50%   f 1.00%
o 1.10%   w 0.70%
v 1.00%   y 0.50%
y 0.70%   o 0.30%
q 0.50%   q 0.10%
u 0.40%   x 0.10%
x 0.40%   u 0.00%



Examples of Using Diamonds in Personalized Jewelry Design

13K Gold Initial Cufflinks with accent diamonds14K gold framed charm with diamondsLooking for something to add to your jewelry design to make it look distinctive?

Diamonds aren't just about adding bling and pizazz to jewelry. While carpeting a design with diamonds can make for a stunning piece, diamonds can also be used in a more subtle fashion. Here are a few examples of designs that incorporate white and colored diamonds to add balance, separation, accents, as the letter 'O" in a name or just a little sparkle to a custom personalized design.


Oval Silver Mother's Charm Necklace with colored diamonds

Wide 14K band with diamonds