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A Gift that Shows You Really Know Them: The Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets have been around for ages and are still thought of as a timeless style, hence why they are often heirloom pieces. They usually signify different aspects of the wearers personality and interests. These unique, one-of-a-kind bracelets make for excellent gifts that will leave your loved one touched by the thoughtfulness and detail. We've had the opportunity to make quite a few of these personalized bracelets. Here are some of the creative ideas our customers have had when giving and designing charm bracelets:


For mom or grandma, customize a charm for each of the children or grandchildren. Depending on her style, you can keep it simple with single initials or you can have full names with birth dates and even birthstones. This is a great gift option "from the family" that everyone can take part in.


Create a narrative story with various charms representing monumental events. For example, design charms that mark achievements throughout their schooling and give it to them on graduation day. Or for every birthday design a new charm that symbolizes the past year. Give them a charm on each birthday or wait until a special one and give them the completed bracelet. The example below is a bracelet that we helped a dad create for his daughter.  We used our online jewelry designer to customize a variety of different charms for him.



Describe the recipient with each charm. Let the bracelet show their attributes, aspirations, hopes, and dreams. You're sure to leave them speechless with this concept - they will feel complimented and motivated every time they wear it.

Give them a starter charm bracelet. Design one charm to get them started and either you or the recipient can add charms down the road for special occasions.


Looking for a non-traditional design? Add a few charms that represent their hobbies and interests to separate bangles - this way they have the option to wear them all together or individually.

Ready to start designing? Try our online jewelry designer to customize a personalized charm bracelet!

Navy Day: Solute Your Soldiers

October 27th is the original day set in 1897 to honor the U.S. Navy. This date was chosen because it is the birthday of one of the Navy's major supporters; Theodore Roosevelt who was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. It is an honor every time we get to make a piece for one of our valued soldiers. Here are two Naval themed pieces we have made for customers in the past...


Let's not forget to support our other military branches...



Stone of the Month: Opal



Happy birthday to all you October babies! Here are some fun facts about your birthstone; the opal...

  1. The opal is associated with hope, innocence, happiness, purity, faithfulness, loyalty, and confidence.
  2. The opal is often used to enhance visualization, imagination, dreams, and healing.
  3. 95% of opals are mined in Australia. The remaining 5% come from Mexico, Brazil, and the United States.
  4. The name "opal" means "to see a change in color". The stone comes in a variety of colors; black, crystal. yellow (fire), and white. All of these variations have their own set of characteristic colored flecks. The milky white opal is most common.
  5. Opals should be worn often, because they only contain 2-6% water. They can become brittle when stored in a dry place, but if worn frequently they absorb humidity off the wearers skin.
And just in case opal doesn't strike your fancy, pink tourmaline (pictured above) is an alternate stone for October birthdays. Do you have any interesting facts to share about these majestic birthstone? Let us know!

Decoded: Secret Message Jewelry

We’ve given solutions to shopping for the person that doesn’t wear jewelry, now what about the person with an understated style? People that strive for an extremely minimal look most likely won’t want their personalized jewelry to be so literal by spelling out names, quotes, and birthdays. Here are a few solutions to creating a meaningful piece for that special someone who likes to keep it simple.


Add text in binary code for secret text only the wearer will know…


Hide text on the inside of a bracelet, ring, or put it on the back of a pendant. The jewelry remains fashionable and simplistic while still having a personal meaning.


Use raised elements such as Braille or roman numerals to spell out names or dates discreetly. The wearer will know what the translation means and will also be able to feel this tactile component as a reminder.







The Perfect Gift for your BFF: Broken Heart Style Pendants




Almost every little girl had the iconic broken heart necklace to share with their best friend. They are a classic and timeless item that even now in 2014 are still as trendy as they were many years ago. 

We have seen our customers use this great concept as the perfect gift for their BFF or significant other. While the necklace has the same reminiscent meaning it did as adolescents, making it out of solid silver or gold creates an ironic, but whimsical keepsake. As you can see in the examples above, customers have used the “broken heart” pendants with other shapes like a guitar pick. So, if a heart is a little too cliché for you and your bestie you can choose other shapes to break apart for matching pendants and customize them in a way that symbolizes your relationship.

Taking Tradition a Step Further: Unique Wedding Band Layouts


Our “Banded” 8mm ring has become one of our most popular men’s and women’s wedding band requests.  We always love when customer’s take traditional designs and make them their own. Take a look at these four 8mm wedding bands that put a new spin on our signature duck-band layout. While they still make a similar statement, there is a uniqueness that shows a little personality from each couple.



Is there a special word or phrase that you and your spouse or spouse-to-be share that would make a great wedding band?

A New Way of Dating: A Special Occasion Pendant

List item?


The majority of personalized jewelry we create marks a special occasion, often including significant dates like birthdays or anniversaries. While most people choose to go with a standard date layout some choose to go with a more unconventional variation. As I was sorting through product photos I came across this rustic oval charm we made a few years ago. This is a perfect example of a creative way to express a special date. Adding a soldered element tells enough of a narrative without being too literal.

Read our blog on anniversary gifts to learn what gift represents each special year.

Spell it Out: New Silver & Gold Letter Charms





One of the key features of our design process is giving customers freedom of text and layout of their personalized jewelry. Hand stamped text is a timeless classic, but a more modern, trending approach is metal shaped into a letter, number, or word. After some creative exploration we have finalized a collection of wire letters and numbers.

The individual letters mimic our popular block font stamps. These wire letter charms can have a similar look to a solo small disc with a single letter, but having the wearer’s skin show through the negative space creates an even more simplistic & contemporary aesthetic. Whether it’s a single letter for a daily necklace that goes with everything or an accent charm to your favorite jumble necklace these charms will easily become a staple in your jewelry collection.

Don’t stop there…join letters together to spell a significant word or name for a unique charm or name plate. Tell us what word or name you’d like to see!





Keep it Personal: From the Wedding Day to the Wedding Band



Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and it should fully represent you and your spouse-to-be. From the flowers to the dress you spend months hand picking everything. So, don’t you want the one item that will always be with you to be just as personal? Our personalized “banded” style 8mm rings are the perfect way to commemorate your special day. You can customize them with your wedding date, your names, and even a personal message on the inside. Here are a few layout and finish combinations other customers have ordered.