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Luna 14k Gold Moon Jewelry with Handstamped Name for Personalization

As the moon gets fuller and Halloween gets closer, my mind drifts to one of my kids favorite childhood books, "Goodnight Moon".  I would read it every night to them before bed and they never got sick of it.  Memorizing each page and then reciting it to me: Goodnight stars, Goodnight air, Goodnight noises everywhere...

Below is a 14k solid gold framed charm (a lunar match to last week's star pendant) with a 14k white gold soldered moon.



We have lots of great pieces featuring the moon, whether it's a favorite phrase of "I love you to the Moon" or a simple pair of  moon & star dangle earrings.  We have you covered when it comes to the heavenly body hanging in the sky...



14k Gold Star Elements in Jewelry Design

14k Solid Gold Rimmed Pendant with Soldered Stars


To me, the month of October is synonymous with Halloween.  For weeks, I have been helping my kids plan out their scary costumes, decorating our house with all things spooky and enjoying the earlier, darker nights. With that in mind, this Tuesday I've decided to highlight this solid gold name charm with 14k soldered stars.  Adding 14k soldered elements to any standard pendant will give it added depth, and these stars create an overall fun, whimsical design.


I can't resist posting a few more of my starry designs.  Check them out:



5 Steps to Jewelry Design - Handcrafted Gold & Silver Jewelry with Handstamped Names & Diamonds


Design your Handcrafted Jewelry Tutorial!

If you are looking for jewelry with a personal touch but aren't sure where to begin, then Metal Pressions' Online Jewelry Design Tool is perfect for you!





There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a meaningful gift. Seeing your custom jewelry design online takes all the guess work out of shopping custom personalized jewelry.  You can tweak your design as much as you would like and then add it to your cart to purchase; save the design to your Metal Pressions account to access at any time; or email it to a friend (this comes in handy as a holiday, anniversary or birthday wishlist).


It's easy to use! There are 5 steps to start your jewelry design:

1 - Select your jewelry base component

         a. click the select product tab

         b. choose your item (chain, bracelet, charm, ring, tie clip, money clip, cuff links, etc.)

         c. click add/update item and it will show up on the art board


2 - Add your text

         a. click the add text tab and type in your names, initials, monogram, quote, etc.

         b. select font style & size, text effects & letter spacing

         c. click on the art board and you can move the text around on the jewelry component to determine your layout & orientation


3 - Add embellishments

         a. click the select product tab

         b. choose from gems, symbols, soldered elements & cutouts

         c. click add/update item and it will show up on the art board

4 - Design the back

           a. see step 2 above

5 - Email your Design or Save it to your Metal Pressions account  

        a. this is a great for sharing with a friend or your hubby (hint hint holidays are coming!)


Our goal is to help you design a gorgeous piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry that will be treasured for a lifetime because it was designed by you.  Personalized handcrafted jewelry has so much more meaning than cookie cutter styles.  We look forward to working with you!


Here are some side by side examples of jewelry designs create with our software and completed pieces. Click on the pictures and we will take you to our Online Jewelry Designer with these items pre-populated for you to play with!                                                 






You Design It, We Handcraft It, They Love It!!


Need some guidance from one of our design consultants?  We have a live chat that you can click on to get some help.  We can design with you over chat by sharing the link to your design and offer suggestions to make your item exactly the way you envision it, or you can call us at 1-912-771-1133.

New Product Feature - 14k Gold Layering Nameplate Necklace on a Handcrafted Diamond Bezel Satellite Chain

14k Solid Gold Nameplate with Diamond Bezel Satellite Chain



I'm so excited to feature a new jewelry design this Tuesday!

This gorgeous 14k nameplate necklace was designed to compliment a returning customer's pave diamond nameplate necklace with her children's names.  She knew she wanted a similar style in order to layer the necklaces together, but she didn't want an exact match.  I suggested creating a gold satellite chain with bezel set diamonds dispersed throughout the solid gold cable chain.  The result is stunning and she agreed!


Since Layered Nameplate Necklaces are so popular right now, I wanted to give you another layering idea with our  offset letter necklace.  We have many different lengths and widths of horizontal rectangle charms (a.k.a. nameplates) to choose from, not to mention custom lengths.  Click here to start your design today!


As always, we have a great team of design consultants that can take your ideas and help you develop them into a cohesive jewelry design. 

Call us at 800.554.8196 and let's talk!




October Birthstone - Opal & Tourmaline

Opal and Tourmaline - Jewelry for October Babies!


October is one of my favorite months - the weather here in Savannah is absolutely gorgeous and Fall is in the air.  Babies born in October (like my hubby!) are lucky enough to have two birthstones - opal and tourmaline.  Don't you just love the display of colors in an Opal when the light hits it just right? It's hard to capture that fire in a photo, but here are some good examples of some of the jewelry we have made featuring Opals...


Fun facts about these two birthstones:


1.  An opal is a unique mineral with a high percentage of water - it accounts for over 20% of the gem's weight.

2.  The opal is mined almost entirely in Australia and comes in varieties that range from milky white or pink to almost black.

3.  Tourmaline is believed to strengthen the body and spirit, especially the nervous system, blood, and lymph nodes. It is also thought to inspire creativity.

4. During the Black Plague, it was thought that the opal was able to tell how long it would take for the disease to kill a person. The colors would be brilliant when someone was close to their end, and the color would disappear upon death.  In actuality, the brilliant colors of the opal were due to the high fever caused by the Plague, and then subsiding upon death.

5.  Not an October baby but still love tourmaline and opal?  Celebrate your anniversary with these stones - they are the accepted gemstones for the 8th and 14th years, respectively.



Check back in November when I highlight my birthstone topaz!!