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Holiday Gift Guide Black November Starts Now With Personalized Gold Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide: Personalized Gold Gifts


 Every year it seems we get more and more consumed by holiday shopping, particularly Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year we are doing things a little different and we have decided not to participate and offer the traditional Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. Instead we have opted to reduce prices dramatically on all of our most popular items.


Gold Name Jewelry Handcrafted Artisan 14K


So for 2015 no more hype or gimmicks, just straight forward pricing. We've already reduced prices on our Gold Charms, Gold Rings, and Gold Bracelets. In some cases over 40%. No coupons or rushing to get limited quantity deals. After all, a special gift takes thought and time to shop for and we all know how difficult that can be with busy holiday schedules.

We're affectionately calling this "Black November"... the only catch is that we don't have any plans to let it end ;-)


Here are some great custom personalized jewelry gift ideas that incorporate your style:

Single ID Discs - A Perfect way to display your loved ones initials

Handstamped gold Disc Suny Cortland 2014 C


Identity Bar Necklaces - Express yourself with a Name or Mantra Necklace


Engraved Rose Gold Green Gold Yellow Gold White Gold 14K handstamped


Stackable Cuffs & Bangles - Perfect for a Motivation Quote or Family Names


Handstamped Gold Rings - Mothers, Fathers, Brides & Grooms get custom text on your everyday gold band

taken gold wedding band

gold name ring on hand





Check back next week to see what is up next in our Holiday Gift Guide:

Black November


Citrine & Topaz Birthstone Jewelry for November

Citrine - November Birthstone


Time to celebrate all the November babies out there - me included!  Citrine and Topaz with their warm color spectrum of yellow and brown perfectly mimic colorful leaves on the ground - it really captures this time of year.  As usual, here are some fun facts I found for Citrine and Topaz:

1.  It is believed this gemstone promotes creativity, helps with clarity, induces positive feelings in the wearer’s mind and eliminates self-destructive tendencies.

2.  The Greeks believed it had power to increase strength and to make its wearer invisible while the Romans believed it had power to improve eyesight.

3.  According to legend, the Topaz was believed to control heat, having the power to cool boiling water.  It was believed that a person could put his or her hand in boiling water if a topaz was placed in it as well.  I don't recommend trying this though!! Wink

4.   For the body, Citrine helps to facilitate the smooth flow of blood and improves the digestion of food.

5.   If you’re looking for an anniversary gift after thirteen years of marriage, Citrine is the official gemstone for this celebration!



Happy Birthday to all those in November! 


Tag @metalpressions wearing your favorite MP citrine jewelry - or contact our design consultants to have a custom piece made for you today (800.554.8196).