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Subtle Details Take Personalized Jewelry To The Next Level

Subtle details of a design often make the difference between something that is good and something that is great!

In this case, you have a common gold band using roman numerals, a basic look that we have done a thousand times before. What makes this ring special is not just the content but the attention to detail for the roman numerals to be un-blackened; an attribute they knew the recipient would appreciate because of her discreet style. Accenting with white diamonds provide a hint of sparkle and make this ring great for everyday wear or classy enough for more formal occasions.

Handwriting Jewelry - Turning Personal Notes into Timeless Pieces of Jewelry

In a world of 150 character texts, Facebook Posts and Tweets, handwritten notes, letters and cards are substantially more sentimental. While the practice of handwriting isn't completely lost, it is certainly less common than ever before. One of the hottest trends in jewelry right now is taking handwritten memos like notes from grandma, grandpa, mom or dad & kids drawings or birthday cards and memorializing them with fine jewelry.

Ready to design your own? Email your note or picture to us at [email protected] or call us at 1-912-771-1133 to get started.

Interlocking Olympic Gold Rings

If there is one thing that is constant at Metal Pressions, it is customers with great ideas.

You may have seen 14K gold personalized washers on our website or on Instagram

before, but not in this arrangement.

A customer wanted three washers to represent her children but she wanted them to be

interlocked. Of course we were happy to accommodate her unique request. And while she

may not have intended it, with the Olympics going on, we have dubbed it the

"Olympic Ring Charm Necklace".