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Birth Stats Jewelry Design Template - 10 Min DIY Baby Keepsakes

  Birth Stat Charm

When a close friend is expecting a little bundle of joy, what do you get her after the baby is born? 

A special keepsake of course! I’ve seen t-shirts, wall hangings & pillows but have you ever thought of an heirloom-quality piece of jewelry that can be handed down for generations? With our online jewelry design tool, you can DIY (Design It Yourself)! How cool would it be to receive this treasure from your mom when you got older. And to think that she wore it close to her heart every day while you were a baby 🥰 I just love all of the sentimental feelings evoked by personalized jewelry!

Watch a quick tutorial at the end of this post to learn how you can use our pre-loaded designs as a starting place to personalize a piece and make it your own.

Birth stat jewelry records all of the special details of a baby’s big entrance into the world! The baby’s name, weight, length, time of birth, and place of birth can all be displayed, not to mention birthstones! You can even add a quote or personal message to the back of the piece.

Birth Stats Pendant  

I don't know about you but this would be one of my most treasured gifts (not to mention my husband and I would never struggle to try to remember all of the important details of each baby's birth - and I must admit that with three kids, we sometimes do!).

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