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#Personalized Mixed Gold Mother's Necklace

Yellow, white, and rose gold are the most common colors of gold our customers are familiar with. Many of them don’t even realize that green gold exists. When we have a customer that is looking for something little different and unique, we recommend adding green gold to their design.

Hand Stamped Solid Gold Hammered Name Necklace

Mixing gold colors on one necklace opens up many possibilities for designs. These necklaces are a great example of that. The round charm necklace pictured was made for one of our international customers. She described her self as having a classic style with a little bit of adventure. She wanted an everyday necklace with her three kids' names on yellow, white, and rose gold charms. She loved our fun fancy font and added small fancy hearts next to each name. When she had her fourth child she returned to get another charm. She was delighted to find out that we could make the last charm in green gold and continue her theme of a different color for each child.


The mixed colors give this necklace an eclectic look, while the continuity of the text layout really pulls the design together as a whole. The subtle green gold is just noticeable enough peek people's interest enough to comment on how unique your necklace is.

14k Gold Flat Polished Bars


Take a look at these two mixed gold necklaces

from our Etsy shop!

 - Gold Round Discs

 - Gold Flat Bars



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