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The Perfect Gift for your BFF: Broken Heart Style Pendants




Almost every little girl had the iconic broken heart necklace to share with their best friend. They are a classic and timeless item that even now in 2014 are still as trendy as they were many years ago. 

We have seen our customers use this great concept as the perfect gift for their BFF or significant other. While the necklace has the same reminiscent meaning it did as adolescents, making it out of solid silver or gold creates an ironic, but whimsical keepsake. As you can see in the examples above, customers have used the “broken heart” pendants with other shapes like a guitar pick. So, if a heart is a little too cliché for you and your bestie you can choose other shapes to break apart for matching pendants and customize them in a way that symbolizes your relationship.

14k #GoldHeart #Friendship Necklaces

Over the years we've made some great friends, near and far. Today is Friendship Day so let's celebrate the connection you have with your #bestie! Show your other half how much you love them with this hand-cut 14k gold split apart heart necklace. Have an #insidejoke hand stamped on the front and back of these charms. Each hang beautifully on a 2.8mm 14k gold flat oval cable chain. These charms feature a simple, uncomplicated layout in our most legible font, block and a polished finish.


Customize your set:
- 14K BFF Heart Charm Necklaces With Chains
- 14K BFF Charms - Without Chains


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