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14K & Silver Charm Necklace for Mom

Personalized Charm Necklace with a quote for Mom

Who's there when you need advice? Mom. Who's there when you need a shoulder to cry on? Mom. Who's there when you need a little encouragement? Mom. Who's there when you're thinking about plunging into the jewelry business? Mom.

Mom's are very unique and you only get one. That's why this year I wanted to make something very personal for my Mom. If you haven't already seen it, check out the first in a series of videos where I ask my In-Laws about their mothers' and stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, here is a piece we made for a customer that says exactly how I feel about my mom.


Silver and Gold Personalized Engraved Hand Stamped Mother's Day Necklace

These charms are sterling silver with a 14K rim. The oval charm has a 14K heart accented with a small real diamond. The engraving says, "My dearest friend... forever and always.

Check it out on our Etsy Shop
Silver and Gold Mother's Day Charm Necklace


Make your own design with our online jewelry design software:
Silver and Gold Personalized Heart and Oval Necklace

Shop for Jewelry Like You Never Have Before - Design a Jumble Necklace at Metal Pressions

If there’s one thing that gets us excited in the shop it’s a “jumble necklace” order. These arrangements truly utilize the customization process that we offer and they always come out stunning!

As you’ve probably heard us say before, “Design options are endless at Metal Pressions”.  We know that this can be overwhelming to some and luckily we’re here to help!

When this customer came to us she only knew her custom text and that she wanted multiple charms in different shapes, but she couldn’t visualize her necklace any further. This was the perfect time for us to employ our online jewelry designer to show her some different layout examples. Our innovative software is crucial to our process because it helps you get your creative juices flowing and visualize your end result. It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of the design process and make your dream become a reality.

These necklaces move with you, so creating depth is a necessity to overcome the inevitable overlapping of charms. It’s easy to add depth on a jumble necklace by using multiple charm shapes and by combining rimmed and non-rimmed charms. This necklace furthers the illusion of depth by the contrasting 14k yellow gold rims and raised elements on sterling silver. You can also enhance the feeling of movement by applying multiple font types and text orientations. For a finishing touch add flush set diamonds to catch light and add some sparkle.

One of my favorite things about jumble necklaces is their wearable diversity. Wear all the charms together for a statement piece or just one or two for a more minimalistic look – they can easily be changed out to fit your mood. So what are you waiting for? Start designing yours here!



Personalized 14k Gold Marathon Jewelry


Running a marathon takes a special level of commitment and focus. It’s no wonder that when a person completes a marathon they want to memorialize that accomplishment. We are regularly approached by athletes of all sports to design jewelry for all of their achievements.

This piece was a last minute request from a husband. He wanted to give his wife a special gift to celebrate her first marathon. He was looking for a gold flat bar necklace. After discussing gold color options, layout and fonts he came to this beautiful combination. After she completed the race he came back and ordered a white gold bar with her time. This really rounded out this mixed gold tiered necklace.

 A 14k rose gold wide washer was the choice of this runner. She chose a unique way to commemorate her achievement by using the coordinates of the Boston Marathon finish line. We helped her get this information by using geo-positioning tools so she would have the exact location. Coordinates are a great way to keep that special place close to your heart and mind.

Hats off to these ladies, what an accomplishment!

Create your own marathon gift, start here:

- 14k Rose Gold Flat Bar
- 14k Yellow Gold Flat Bar
- 14k Rose Gold Rolo Chain
- 14k Rose Gold Washer


Looking for the perfect gift? Call Us!


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Contemporary Fashion - 14k Gold Hammered Pendant


Modern Mommy 14k Gold PendantWhether it’s a name, date or quote many of our customers are looking for pieces that include text in some fashion. On occasion we’ll have customers approach us looking for more visual designs.

This customer was having trouble finding a company to make the design she had envisioned with the quality and accuracy she required. She made it clear that the spacing of the circles on the piece was very important to her.

We took great care in making her charm necklace to her specification. The 14K gold charm, hammered finish, concentric circles, and diamond create visually striking affect.

Here are all the pieces you’ll need:

 - 14K 1" Charm
- Genuine Flush Set Diamonds
- 14K Gold Chains

 Want design help? Call Us!


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Bull's Eye Gold Pendant

#Personalized Mixed Gold Mother's Necklace

Yellow, white, and rose gold are the most common colors of gold our customers are familiar with. Many of them don’t even realize that green gold exists. When we have a customer that is looking for something little different and unique, we recommend adding green gold to their design.

Hand Stamped Solid Gold Hammered Name Necklace

Mixing gold colors on one necklace opens up many possibilities for designs. These necklaces are a great example of that. The round charm necklace pictured was made for one of our international customers. She described her self as having a classic style with a little bit of adventure. She wanted an everyday necklace with her three kids' names on yellow, white, and rose gold charms. She loved our fun fancy font and added small fancy hearts next to each name. When she had her fourth child she returned to get another charm. She was delighted to find out that we could make the last charm in green gold and continue her theme of a different color for each child.


The mixed colors give this necklace an eclectic look, while the continuity of the text layout really pulls the design together as a whole. The subtle green gold is just noticeable enough peek people's interest enough to comment on how unique your necklace is.

14k Gold Flat Polished Bars


Take a look at these two mixed gold necklaces

from our Etsy shop!

 - Gold Round Discs

 - Gold Flat Bars



Looking for something particular? Call Us.


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Pave Set Diamond Initial and Name Necklaces

 Diamond Initial NecklaceThere are times when you may want something a little different than an engraved or stamped pendant. One of our customers was looking for a charm that is personalized but outside the norm. She had seen pave set diamonds and wanted us to set her sweethearts names in diamonds. Using micro pave set diamonds we created spectacular looking letters on nameplates in 14K gold.


The simplicity of the design makes it great for everyday wear while the brilliance and sparkle of the stones allow it to dress up for cocktail parties or more formal occasions. We now offer our pave initial charms and pave nameplate necklaces. Add a four letter name to each of the 14k solid gold nameplates or a single initial to a pendant. These pieces feature ~1mm genuine white #diamonds hand-set into 14k gold charms. A visually stunning way to keep a name or initial close to your heart.


What jewelry designs can you dream up?

Diamond Name Necklace



 Personalize yours now!

- Pave Initial Charm Necklace

- Pave Initial Name Plate Necklace

 Looking for something custom? Call Us!

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Jewelry Design Social Hostess Gift


Silver and Gold Wrap Bracelet Philippians 1:6 For most of our 5 year history we have been an exclusively online business. Not only have we worked hard to make great jewelry, but we also created a shopping experience second to none with our online jewelry design software. While we love working with our customers designing jewelry over the phone and through chat, we wanted to start meeting with them face to face. To get some face time with them we started attending sales events, holding trunk shows, and created a hostess party rewards program. We are very grateful to have met so many amazing people.

Jewelry Hostess Part Trunk Show

Recently Kristin K. signed up to host a Jewelry Design Social event at the Coffee Deli in beautiful Savannah, Ga. She did a great job at putting her event together and had a very successful turnout.

Hostesses earn great rewards for their hard work. For her hostess gift she wanted something really unique. Kristen loved our leather and silver wrap bracelet, but also wanted to incorporate the contrast of a gold rim. Kristin also talked to us about the importance of her faith and charity. After working with a few designs and quotes, she felt inspired to have the bracelet customized with a phrase from Philippians 1:6, "he who began good work in you will carry it on to completion".

We added the gold rim as she requested and special gold slots to accommodate the leather wrap. We stamped the text with our classic typewriter font and mixed up the sizes and position to keep the layout fun and eye catching. Needless to say the result was #GORGEOUS and she was head over heals for it.

In the spirit of Kristin's commitment to faith and charity she asked if we would offer an additional discount for her guests if they brought in food donations to a local food drive. We were happy to oblige and help a good cause.

  Jewelry Hostess Rewards


 Get Kristin's bracelet or start with your own design:

 - Rimmed Leather Wrap Bracelet


Want to host a party?

Need layout Suggestions? Call Us!


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The bit of #scripture reads: 'He who began good
work in you will carry it on to completion' The perfect
quote for a great cause and a great woman!

I 'LUV' You with all of my heart!

At MetalPressions.com you can create a heart charm necklace like nothing else out there.  Mixing different colors of gold together on one charm creates a contrasting look that will get you the oohs and ahhs from even the most discerning #fashionistas.


This heart is 5/8” and features a 14K rose gold base with a 14K yellow gold rim. When creating this piece the customer opted for our classic vintage font, typewriter. The simple designs are great for everyday wear. We later found out that ‘LUV’ happened to be a set of initials for an important person in their lives. How fun!

Purchase these items to create your perfect version:

- 14k Solid Gold Rimmed Heart Charm

- 14k Solid Gold 1.9mm Flat Cable Chain


Need help designing? Call us!


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2013 New Year's Resolution Jewelry Design

It's that time again...  reflect on the past year and think about what the future may bring. For many of us that includes making some resolutions and setting some goals. More often than I would like to admit, while my intentions are good, my execution falls short. I'm sure I'm not the only one. It's New Year’s Eve, the drinks are flowing and everyone is talking about their big resolution. It always seems to turn into a cornucopia of "one-upsmanship".  Lose a zillion lbs, run a mile every day for the rest of my life, become a yoga sifu, save the world....


The next morning (or afternoon ) you're at your local grease pit trying to subdue the damage from the night before, the resolution just a faint memory. It doesn't have to be that way. This year is going to be different.


To help me along with my resolutions and goals in 2013, I had Elisha make me a resolution key chain to ensure the commitments I make at midnight don't fade away. In the images below you can see the design I made using our online jewelry design software and the final product . I used a 1" silver charm and silver key chain ring. You can also retrieve the design with the online jewelry design software and make it your own.

Here are the things I put on my resolution key chain:


1. 2013 The year of success – In spite of all the negative vibes reverberating of the fiscal cliff chatter, I wrote this to remind me to be chronically optimistic this year.

 2. 20 lbs - Pretty obvious stuff here. Elisha is a good looking lady... gotta keep her interested ;-).

 3. 3x - Business growth goals. I know it’s a tall order, but I was born to dream big and achieve.

 4. Top 100K - That's the site ranking I want to get MetalPressions.com to.

 5. III - Jiu Jitsu - Keeping focused to get the third stripe on my blue belt. I seem to have let life side track my training. This year I want to get back to being competitive.

 6. 100% - Customer Satisfaction - That's what it's gonna take to get to 3x last year’s numbers!

 7. Greek - I know a little Greek and want to learn some more. Maybe even teach my kids some too with the help of Rosetta Stone.

 8. Shark Tank - We love the show and often daydream about being on it. I think we are going to apply to get on.


The key chain goes a little beyond your typical New Year’s Resolutions, but it is a fun way to remind yourself about what you want to achieve.


What are your News Years Resolutions and goals for 2013?