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Tips to Design Your Jewelry Online - Add and Remove Base Products - Necklaces and Bracelets

Our online jewelry design software allows you to make the most amazing personalized jewelry. When you start a new design the best approach is to select your necklace or bracelet chain first. We call these base products. Here are some details about base products:

  • They will always be the lowest layer in the design. We'll explain more about layers later, but all you need to know now is that all other items will be on top of a base layer.
  • There can only be one base product per design.
    • If you want to order multiple necklaces/bracelets with different designs, you will have to create each one separately and them to the order one at a time.
    • If you want to order multiple of the same design, you can update the quantity in the shopping cart after it is added to the order.

Here is how to add, change, and remove base items in the Metal Pressions Jewelry Design Software.

  1. Load the Software - The Category Tab will be selected first and you will see  list of components and options on the right.

  2. Select a main Category or Subcategory.
    Selecting the main category will display all the items. So if you click on Necklaces, you can scroll to see any of the varieties we carry. There is a scroll bar on the right so you can view all of them.  If you know you want a specific material like 14K, just click on that link to only display 14K chains.

    *** (Hint - When you hover your mouse over in item a brief description pops up )

  3. Click on the chain you like.
    The compete description will populate in the blue box. The size drop down box will also become available.

  4. Select your size form the drop down menu.
    Click "Add new Item"

  5. To update the item select a different chain and the click add. This will remove the original item and replace it with the new item.
  6. To remove the base item altogether, click the "remove base product" link towards the bottom center of the screen.

Here are some images to help: