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New Grandma? Modern Grandma Names That You Will Love!

Name Ideas for the Modern Grandmother 

Congratulations!  You are a proud new grandma and can't get enough of that sweet bundle of joy. But...you don't feel like you quite fit the mold of "Granny" and are looking for a more modern name for grandma.  Whether you are a younger than average grandma or just a cool, hip grandmother, the best name that your grandchild should bestow upon you is the one that captures just that, YOU and your personality.  Here are some fun nicknames that have been given to modern-day grandmas around the world.  They are the perfect touch to a personalized Mother's Day gift for your trendy grandma!
































DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Personalized Cuff Bracelets - There is still time to get them for Mother's Day!

Personalized Cuff Bracelets

Today is the last day to guarantee delivery of your gift in time for Mother's Day with priority shipping.


Dad, it is time to interview the kids to find out just what they would like to say to mom this Mother's Day.

Here is a great idea; have the kids names on the inside or outside of the bracelet and their fond words for Mom on the opposite side of the cuff.

Mom will love them!!

Personalized Silver Cuff Bracelets

Mother's Day Gift Idea - A Mother's Love Defined Necklace

Mom Defined...by you!

She is always there for you, the center of your universe, the one who loves you unconditionally. 

We designed a pendant where you can express the definition of mom your way.

Let her know just what she means to you in time for Mother's Day!

definition of mom gold and diamonds


How do you define mom?

We'd love to hear from you so leave a note in the comments section below, or click the image below and start designing your own for her.


mother defined pendant

Custom Mothers Day Gift - Personalized Gift for Mom by Metal Pressions

Mother's Day Gift Idea: Personalized Pendant Necklace

Mom is your North Star and she guides you in the right direction in life.

Here is a thoughtful design where each point on a Compass Rose represents someone important to mom.

Add her favorite colored diamond to the center of the compass rose for some sparkle!

The message from you on the back makes it even more personal. You can add names, dates, gps coordinates, or simply get it as pictured.


Start designing your compass rose oval pendant necklace today for mom!

Get it in gold here.

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14K & Silver Charm Necklace for Mom

Personalized Charm Necklace with a quote for Mom

Who's there when you need advice? Mom. Who's there when you need a shoulder to cry on? Mom. Who's there when you need a little encouragement? Mom. Who's there when you're thinking about plunging into the jewelry business? Mom.

Mom's are very unique and you only get one. That's why this year I wanted to make something very personal for my Mom. If you haven't already seen it, check out the first in a series of videos where I ask my In-Laws about their mothers' and stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, here is a piece we made for a customer that says exactly how I feel about my mom.


Silver and Gold Personalized Engraved Hand Stamped Mother's Day Necklace

These charms are sterling silver with a 14K rim. The oval charm has a 14K heart accented with a small real diamond. The engraving says, "My dearest friend... forever and always.

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Silver and Gold Mother's Day Charm Necklace


Make your own design with our online jewelry design software:
Silver and Gold Personalized Heart and Oval Necklace