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Celebrate National Braille Month!

Have you ever thought of creating a piece of jewelry with Braille on it?  This is a great way to add a secret message to a custom pendant, ring, bracelet, tie clip or money clip.   A raised heart element is centered on this break away guitar pick pendant and each side depicts the wearers sweethearts letter in braille.  A great his & hers Valentine gift!

It is a lot of fun creating a custom design using braille.  Here are a few examples of ideas that I created using our Online Jewelry Designer.  The micro gold charm depicts the letter E.  The vertical gold rimmed rectangle pendant has the word family and the horizontal gold flat bar displays the word loved.  Feel free to click on this screen capture which will bring you to our online jewelry design screen to play around with different design ideas.  If you haven't used it before, I think that you will enjoy seeing your design before it is made :)


January is the month to celebrate braille because it is the birth month of Louis Braille, the inventor of the system of raised dots that made it possible for people who are blind to read and write for themselves with independence and freedom.


Although modern technology has brought on a decline in the number Braille users, there are still over 150 million people that continue to use Braille around the world today.  Join us in raising the awareness and use of braille!


 Select solid gold braille dots for nice contrast.....Love in Braille

Shop for Jewelry Like You Never Have Before - Design a Jumble Necklace at Metal Pressions

If there’s one thing that gets us excited in the shop it’s a “jumble necklace” order. These arrangements truly utilize the customization process that we offer and they always come out stunning!

As you’ve probably heard us say before, “Design options are endless at Metal Pressions”.  We know that this can be overwhelming to some and luckily we’re here to help!

When this customer came to us she only knew her custom text and that she wanted multiple charms in different shapes, but she couldn’t visualize her necklace any further. This was the perfect time for us to employ our online jewelry designer to show her some different layout examples. Our innovative software is crucial to our process because it helps you get your creative juices flowing and visualize your end result. It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of the design process and make your dream become a reality.

These necklaces move with you, so creating depth is a necessity to overcome the inevitable overlapping of charms. It’s easy to add depth on a jumble necklace by using multiple charm shapes and by combining rimmed and non-rimmed charms. This necklace furthers the illusion of depth by the contrasting 14k yellow gold rims and raised elements on sterling silver. You can also enhance the feeling of movement by applying multiple font types and text orientations. For a finishing touch add flush set diamonds to catch light and add some sparkle.

One of my favorite things about jumble necklaces is their wearable diversity. Wear all the charms together for a statement piece or just one or two for a more minimalistic look – they can easily be changed out to fit your mood. So what are you waiting for? Start designing yours here!



Tips to Design Your Jewelry Online - Add and Remove Base Products - Necklaces and Bracelets

Our online jewelry design software allows you to make the most amazing personalized jewelry. When you start a new design the best approach is to select your necklace or bracelet chain first. We call these base products. Here are some details about base products:

  • They will always be the lowest layer in the design. We'll explain more about layers later, but all you need to know now is that all other items will be on top of a base layer.
  • There can only be one base product per design.
    • If you want to order multiple necklaces/bracelets with different designs, you will have to create each one separately and them to the order one at a time.
    • If you want to order multiple of the same design, you can update the quantity in the shopping cart after it is added to the order.

Here is how to add, change, and remove base items in the Metal Pressions Jewelry Design Software.

  1. Load the Software - The Category Tab will be selected first and you will see  list of components and options on the right.

  2. Select a main Category or Subcategory.
    Selecting the main category will display all the items. So if you click on Necklaces, you can scroll to see any of the varieties we carry. There is a scroll bar on the right so you can view all of them.  If you know you want a specific material like 14K, just click on that link to only display 14K chains.

    *** (Hint - When you hover your mouse over in item a brief description pops up )

  3. Click on the chain you like.
    The compete description will populate in the blue box. The size drop down box will also become available.

  4. Select your size form the drop down menu.
    Click "Add new Item"

  5. To update the item select a different chain and the click add. This will remove the original item and replace it with the new item.
  6. To remove the base item altogether, click the "remove base product" link towards the bottom center of the screen.

Here are some images to help: