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Trendy Tuesday - Colored Diamonds

Shine on you colored diamond!


It's Tuesday and I'm ready to talk trends! 


This week I want to touch upon colored diamonds. Of course everyone is familiar with traditional white diamonds, but if you want your custom jewelry to have a more modern, chic look, you should consider colored diamonds.  They are available in almost every hue of the rainbow - perfect for those looking to match wedding, graduation or bat mitzvah color themes. Colored diamonds are a great substitute for birthstones too, as they are much more brilliant and all around better gems.  Take a look at some recent pieces I made with these beauties:





 What is your favorite diamond color?  Respond in the comments below. 

See you same time, same place next week!


Examples of Using Diamonds in Personalized Jewelry Design

13K Gold Initial Cufflinks with accent diamonds14K gold framed charm with diamondsLooking for something to add to your jewelry design to make it look distinctive?

Diamonds aren't just about adding bling and pizazz to jewelry. While carpeting a design with diamonds can make for a stunning piece, diamonds can also be used in a more subtle fashion. Here are a few examples of designs that incorporate white and colored diamonds to add balance, separation, accents, as the letter 'O" in a name or just a little sparkle to a custom personalized design.


Oval Silver Mother's Charm Necklace with colored diamonds

Wide 14K band with diamonds