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Citrine & Topaz Birthstone Jewelry for November

Citrine - November Birthstone


Time to celebrate all the November babies out there - me included!  Citrine and Topaz with their warm color spectrum of yellow and brown perfectly mimic colorful leaves on the ground - it really captures this time of year.  As usual, here are some fun facts I found for Citrine and Topaz:

1.  It is believed this gemstone promotes creativity, helps with clarity, induces positive feelings in the wearer’s mind and eliminates self-destructive tendencies.

2.  The Greeks believed it had power to increase strength and to make its wearer invisible while the Romans believed it had power to improve eyesight.

3.  According to legend, the Topaz was believed to control heat, having the power to cool boiling water.  It was believed that a person could put his or her hand in boiling water if a topaz was placed in it as well.  I don't recommend trying this though!! Wink

4.   For the body, Citrine helps to facilitate the smooth flow of blood and improves the digestion of food.

5.   If you’re looking for an anniversary gift after thirteen years of marriage, Citrine is the official gemstone for this celebration!



Happy Birthday to all those in November! 


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