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Valentines Day Gift Ideas: Ways To Say I Love You With GPS Jewelry

Coordinate Charm Necklaces

Do you remember the where you met? Your first kiss? Where you said "I do"? Using coordinates on charm necklace is a clever nondescript way to cherish those special moments when your love was in full bloom. 


Coordinate Rings

Coordinates are not just for women's charm necklaces... guys can get in on the secret. We all know that boys can be mush-a-phobes, so sneak in the sentimental stuff with a GPS Ring; that even sounds like something a guy's guy would wear.  

Haven't tied the knot yet?

He won't take this thick bar charm necklace off, even if it does have the location of your first smooch ;-)

 Gotta sentimental fella?

Get a set of coordinate bracelets, each with the location of a milestone in your relationship; For him the first time he laid eyes on you, and for you the first time you rolled your eyes at him! 


Contact our design consultants to have a custom piece made for you today (800.554.8196).

A Gift that Shows You Really Know Them: The Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets have been around for ages and are still thought of as a timeless style, hence why they are often heirloom pieces. They usually signify different aspects of the wearers personality and interests. These unique, one-of-a-kind bracelets make for excellent gifts that will leave your loved one touched by the thoughtfulness and detail. We've had the opportunity to make quite a few of these personalized bracelets. Here are some of the creative ideas our customers have had when giving and designing charm bracelets:


For mom or grandma, customize a charm for each of the children or grandchildren. Depending on her style, you can keep it simple with single initials or you can have full names with birth dates and even birthstones. This is a great gift option "from the family" that everyone can take part in.


Create a narrative story with various charms representing monumental events. For example, design charms that mark achievements throughout their schooling and give it to them on graduation day. Or for every birthday design a new charm that symbolizes the past year. Give them a charm on each birthday or wait until a special one and give them the completed bracelet. The example below is a bracelet that we helped a dad create for his daughter.  We used our online jewelry designer to customize a variety of different charms for him.



Describe the recipient with each charm. Let the bracelet show their attributes, aspirations, hopes, and dreams. You're sure to leave them speechless with this concept - they will feel complimented and motivated every time they wear it.

Give them a starter charm bracelet. Design one charm to get them started and either you or the recipient can add charms down the road for special occasions.


Looking for a non-traditional design? Add a few charms that represent their hobbies and interests to separate bangles - this way they have the option to wear them all together or individually.

Ready to start designing? Try our online jewelry designer to customize a personalized charm bracelet!

Not Into Jewelry? Go for a Personalized Key Chain

Want to give a meaningful personalized gift to someone, but you know they aren't the jewelry wearing type? We've all come across that special someone who is nearly impossible to shop for. Any effort, direct or sneaky, to unlock the secret to the ultimate gift is met with indifference.

If you often hear a long drawn out "Meh" when you hint at a beautiful piece of jewelry or make a fashion suggestion, then maybe a personalized key chain is the perfect solution. Our key chains are fashioned from the same material and with the same care as all of our jewelry, making a perfect heartfelt gift they can keep with them at all times, but not interfere with their overly selective fashion sense ;-)

These personalized key chains include special dates, quotes and initials in a few different layouts. We recently discussed graffiti jewelry designs in a post and this style is great for key chains as well. On the example to the left, we took a customer's new years resolution and turned it into an eye-catching daily reminder to help her reach her goals.

 Just about any charm can work on a key chain. Just select a key chain ring and then add a custom personalized charm of your choice.


Checkout these other design ideas for your next gift!


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