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Subtle Details Take Personalized Jewelry To The Next Level

Subtle details of a design often make the difference between something that is good and something that is great!

In this case, you have a common gold band using roman numerals, a basic look that we have done a thousand times before. What makes this ring special is not just the content but the attention to detail for the roman numerals to be un-blackened; an attribute they knew the recipient would appreciate because of her discreet style. Accenting with white diamonds provide a hint of sparkle and make this ring great for everyday wear or classy enough for more formal occasions.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas: Ways To Say I Love You With GPS Jewelry

Coordinate Charm Necklaces

Do you remember the where you met? Your first kiss? Where you said "I do"? Using coordinates on charm necklace is a clever nondescript way to cherish those special moments when your love was in full bloom. 


Coordinate Rings

Coordinates are not just for women's charm necklaces... guys can get in on the secret. We all know that boys can be mush-a-phobes, so sneak in the sentimental stuff with a GPS Ring; that even sounds like something a guy's guy would wear.  

Haven't tied the knot yet?

He won't take this thick bar charm necklace off, even if it does have the location of your first smooch ;-)

 Gotta sentimental fella?

Get a set of coordinate bracelets, each with the location of a milestone in your relationship; For him the first time he laid eyes on you, and for you the first time you rolled your eyes at him! 


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