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Make a Statement - Inspirational Wide Rim Charms


Wide rimmed charms are one of our newer items and they really make a statement. This customer personalized her 1.25" 14k yellow gold wide rimmed disc with religious inspiration, making this piece a motivational statement and a fashion statement. The wide rim adds depth and weight making the charm more substantial than flat charms. The silver and gold contrast is enhanced with the 14k yellow gold cross element in the center. Finally, the text circles around the cross symbolizing the infinite and continuous meaning to the wearer. 

Visit our Instagram Feed for a video of this wide rimmed pendant.


Want to design a statement pendant of your own? With wide rims you can even put text on the rim! Look at some of the other combinations people have created...

Personalized Jewelry for the Family - Jules Art

During the holiday season in 2012 we had the pleasure of working with Jules P. to design some very personal jewelry for her family. We used our online jewelry design tool to create several designs, tailored to each person. It was a great experience for the both of us sharing stories about our kids and getting to know one and other. After a few iterations back and forth, we had designs that not only she was happy with but were uniquely designed for each child. It was an intimate process working with her, a mother wanting to design motivational keepsake jewelry for her family.

Jules is an artist herself and once I learn about her handmade and painted bags I wasn't surprised at her ability to articulate emotions and feelings so we could help her create heartfelt jewelry designs. I was so impressed with her work that I bought a bag for Elisha as a surprise Christmas gift. The bags are large, vibrant, and hand painted with an eclectic free form design. All the painting is done with her hands... literally the designs flows through her hand and fingertips. It was interesting becasue the process was similar to how we help our customers design. Jules took the time to ask questions about Elisha's style, color preferences, and personality to create a one of a kind bag just for her. She even paints the box for an amazing presentation.

Check out Jules' Etsy store and pick up one of these great custom bags. It has become Elisha's favorite go to bag.