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5 Steps to Jewelry Design - Handcrafted Gold & Silver Jewelry with Handstamped Names & Diamonds


Design your Handcrafted Jewelry Tutorial!

If you are looking for jewelry with a personal touch but aren't sure where to begin, then Metal Pressions' Online Jewelry Design Tool is perfect for you!





There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a meaningful gift. Seeing your custom jewelry design online takes all the guess work out of shopping custom personalized jewelry.  You can tweak your design as much as you would like and then add it to your cart to purchase; save the design to your Metal Pressions account to access at any time; or email it to a friend (this comes in handy as a holiday, anniversary or birthday wishlist).


It's easy to use! There are 5 steps to start your jewelry design:

1 - Select your jewelry base component

         a. click the select product tab

         b. choose your item (chain, bracelet, charm, ring, tie clip, money clip, cuff links, etc.)

         c. click add/update item and it will show up on the art board


2 - Add your text

         a. click the add text tab and type in your names, initials, monogram, quote, etc.

         b. select font style & size, text effects & letter spacing

         c. click on the art board and you can move the text around on the jewelry component to determine your layout & orientation


3 - Add embellishments

         a. click the select product tab

         b. choose from gems, symbols, soldered elements & cutouts

         c. click add/update item and it will show up on the art board

4 - Design the back

           a. see step 2 above

5 - Email your Design or Save it to your Metal Pressions account  

        a. this is a great for sharing with a friend or your hubby (hint hint holidays are coming!)


Our goal is to help you design a gorgeous piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry that will be treasured for a lifetime because it was designed by you.  Personalized handcrafted jewelry has so much more meaning than cookie cutter styles.  We look forward to working with you!


Here are some side by side examples of jewelry designs create with our software and completed pieces. Click on the pictures and we will take you to our Online Jewelry Designer with these items pre-populated for you to play with!                                                 






You Design It, We Handcraft It, They Love It!!


Need some guidance from one of our design consultants?  We have a live chat that you can click on to get some help.  We can design with you over chat by sharing the link to your design and offer suggestions to make your item exactly the way you envision it, or you can call us at 1-912-771-1133.

Decoded: Secret Message Jewelry

We’ve given solutions to shopping for the person that doesn’t wear jewelry, now what about the person with an understated style? People that strive for an extremely minimal look most likely won’t want their personalized jewelry to be so literal by spelling out names, quotes, and birthdays. Here are a few solutions to creating a meaningful piece for that special someone who likes to keep it simple.


Add text in binary code for secret text only the wearer will know…


Hide text on the inside of a bracelet, ring, or put it on the back of a pendant. The jewelry remains fashionable and simplistic while still having a personal meaning.


Use raised elements such as Braille or roman numerals to spell out names or dates discreetly. The wearer will know what the translation means and will also be able to feel this tactile component as a reminder.







Spell it Out: New Silver & Gold Letter Charms





One of the key features of our design process is giving customers freedom of text and layout of their personalized jewelry. Hand stamped text is a timeless classic, but a more modern, trending approach is metal shaped into a letter, number, or word. After some creative exploration we have finalized a collection of wire letters and numbers.

The individual letters mimic our popular block font stamps. These wire letter charms can have a similar look to a solo small disc with a single letter, but having the wearer’s skin show through the negative space creates an even more simplistic & contemporary aesthetic. Whether it’s a single letter for a daily necklace that goes with everything or an accent charm to your favorite jumble necklace these charms will easily become a staple in your jewelry collection.

Don’t stop there…join letters together to spell a significant word or name for a unique charm or name plate. Tell us what word or name you’d like to see!





Shop for Jewelry Like You Never Have Before - Design a Jumble Necklace at Metal Pressions

If there’s one thing that gets us excited in the shop it’s a “jumble necklace” order. These arrangements truly utilize the customization process that we offer and they always come out stunning!

As you’ve probably heard us say before, “Design options are endless at Metal Pressions”.  We know that this can be overwhelming to some and luckily we’re here to help!

When this customer came to us she only knew her custom text and that she wanted multiple charms in different shapes, but she couldn’t visualize her necklace any further. This was the perfect time for us to employ our online jewelry designer to show her some different layout examples. Our innovative software is crucial to our process because it helps you get your creative juices flowing and visualize your end result. It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of the design process and make your dream become a reality.

These necklaces move with you, so creating depth is a necessity to overcome the inevitable overlapping of charms. It’s easy to add depth on a jumble necklace by using multiple charm shapes and by combining rimmed and non-rimmed charms. This necklace furthers the illusion of depth by the contrasting 14k yellow gold rims and raised elements on sterling silver. You can also enhance the feeling of movement by applying multiple font types and text orientations. For a finishing touch add flush set diamonds to catch light and add some sparkle.

One of my favorite things about jumble necklaces is their wearable diversity. Wear all the charms together for a statement piece or just one or two for a more minimalistic look – they can easily be changed out to fit your mood. So what are you waiting for? Start designing yours here!



IPhone Apps, Ancestry.com, and Jewelry Design Inspiration

Secretly, in the evenings when everyone is in bed, I am an app geek. I like to unwind with my iPad in hand exploring fun new apps. I typically love apps that I can use to create and edit videos or pictures. As I was searching through the top suggested apps for the new IOS 7.0, I clicked on an app called  Ancestry out of curiosity.  Ancestry, and other similar apps, help you build a family tree. I’ve been playing with the program for a couple of weeks, admittedly with slight addictive tendencies, filling out my family tree. I am very close with my family, but as I got further and further back in our family’s history, I realized how much heritage my mom's Polish roots and father’s English and Irish blood contained that I never knew about.

I’m always looking for inspiration for my next great design. Sometimes it’s with intention and other times I just stumble on it. On this stumble, I’ve discovered fascinating facts, names, and locations, all of which have inspired me to make some commemorative charms for my relatives. Different than your typical family charms which celebrate people, places, and events close to you, these charms will memorialize our rich family history. I know these will be passed along as heirlooms from generation to generation helping to keep or lineage known.

Aside from the information and inspiration, I found that this endeavor of searching for my family history has put me in contact with my distant relatives more frequently than I have been in the past. It’s those intangible results that this experience has yielded that I find as much or more fruitful and meaningful than the facts themselves.

 In the next weeks I will share my progress as I incorporate my family history into my next design.