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Trendy Tuesday - Stack 'em up!

How do you stack up?!


This Tuesday I want to highlight one of my absolute favorite trends - stacking and layering jewelry.  There is an art to pairing and layering the right pieces and I've got a few tips for those who may be perplexed on where to begin.


Tip 1: Go for a graduated effect.  Pair delicate, dainty short necklaces with a long jumble necklace.

 14k gold necklace layers



Tip 2:  Don't be afraid to mixed metals and textures. Gone are the days when you have pigeonhole yourself into one of two categories: gold wearer or silver wearer.  Wear them both! Mixing metals is a simple way to look effortlessly modern and chic.  Create contrast by wearing different textures.  I love to pair my 14k gold hammered and sterling silver satin bangles.


Hammered stacking bangles

Tip 3:  Dress up your digits by adding slender stacking rings to your right hand ring.  At the moment, I'm pairing three 14k gold skinny stacking rings (one to symbolize each of my children) with my 3mm 14k right hand anniversary ring.  Andreas gave me this ring with a secret message inside to commemorate our 10th wedding anniversary.  This right hand combo is a modern, stylish counterpart to the traditional wedding ring and band on my left hand.



14k gold stacking rings

Tip 4: Pair long, delicate earrings with petite studs.  I find our 14k solid wire hook earrings accentuate the curvatures in my jawline and the 14k star stud adds a little fun pop!


14k gold wire hook and star stud stacking earrings


I hope you enjoyed my go-to tips for stacking jewelry!  I would love to see how you are layering your favorite Metal Pressions pieces - tag us in pictures on Facebook or use the #metalpressions on Instagram.


All you fashionistas be sure to check in every Tuesday on our blog for the newest trends and tips!!