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Layered 14k Gold Bars - Custom Necklace Arrangement

We recently talked about how minor changes can make a jewelry design uniquely yours. This week we have another example for you. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and craftsmanship, so whenever we can accommodate a customer's request we do. On the necklace pictured above a customer told us that she loved our 14k gold flat bars, but that she wanted hers arranged a little differently than what was displayed. At her request we combined the two 14k yellow and white gold bars on a single yellow gold jump ring. That change positioned the bars stacked while keeping each charms simple personalization revealed at all times. Even though the two gold bars share a jump ring they are free to move separately. Mixing the gold colors added additional depth to the already layered design. Unblackened letters keeps the design simple and refined.

Here is another version of two layered round charms on a single jump ring that is welded together. With this pendant design and layout, a mother is able to include not only her daughters' long names on the edge of each disc, but also both daughters' birthstones. 

If you have a unique design idea, don't hesitate to ask us if we can do it for you because we usually can! Find more great design ideas on Instagram