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Navy Day: Solute Your Soldiers

October 27th is the original day set in 1897 to honor the U.S. Navy. This date was chosen because it is the birthday of one of the Navy's major supporters; Theodore Roosevelt who was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. It is an honor every time we get to make a piece for one of our valued soldiers. Here are two Naval themed pieces we have made for customers in the past...


Let's not forget to support our other military branches...



Make a Statement - Inspirational Wide Rim Charms


Wide rimmed charms are one of our newer items and they really make a statement. This customer personalized her 1.25" 14k yellow gold wide rimmed disc with religious inspiration, making this piece a motivational statement and a fashion statement. The wide rim adds depth and weight making the charm more substantial than flat charms. The silver and gold contrast is enhanced with the 14k yellow gold cross element in the center. Finally, the text circles around the cross symbolizing the infinite and continuous meaning to the wearer. 

Visit our Instagram Feed for a video of this wide rimmed pendant.


Want to design a statement pendant of your own? With wide rims you can even put text on the rim! Look at some of the other combinations people have created...

Inpirational Quote Jewelry - What Inspires You?

Small Silver and Gold Rimmed Charm Necklace

Have you ever thought of putting your favorite quote on a piece of jewelry? It's exciting to create something that motivates you and helps keep you focused on a goal and an end result. Using a mixture of fonts is ideal for quotes because it adds emotion to the statement which emphasizes how it relates to the recipient. It's all about emotional connection when it comes to inspirational gifts. 'May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows' makes a great wedding or birthday gift. 


Rimmed Mark Twain Quote Charm






Or maybe you know someone who just got a new job in the Big Apple.  Here is a fantastic congrats gift and something that will be sure to motivate them until they make their mark in New York!






The possibilities are endless with with our wide variety of items to choose from for men and women. Here are some other examples of unique money clips, key chains, bracelets and pendants that we have created with meaningful quotes to help get your creative gift giving juices flowing:Gold Einstein Quote Pendant

Oscar Wilde Quote Money ClipSterling Silver Quote Key Chain



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