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Yoga & Pilates - Jewelry for the Mind, Body & Soul

Owning your own business while raising three kids can be very demanding. Especially when you take into account that crafting handmade jewelry can be physically demanding. To deal with the strains and stress, I decided one thing I could do to be at the top of my game was to get in shape.

About a year ago I started focusing on my fitness and health more than I had in a long time. I’ve gone through several of the Beachbody programs and I am currently in the middle of PiYo.

This is my first experience with Yoga and Pilates. It might not be a traditional format, but I can understand why our die hard Yoga and Pilates customers are so passionate about it. The improvements I have seen in my strength, flexibility and mental focus are addicting.

We’ve made lots of jewelry over the years for dedicated practitioners of these art forms. Here are a few simple jewelry designs that incorporate symbols,sayings, and mantras. Keeping those concepts and ideas close can help them stay in the forefront of your mind. That added focus is sometimes just the thing you need to stay on course and achieve success.