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October Birthstone - Opal & Tourmaline

Opal and Tourmaline - Jewelry for October Babies!


October is one of my favorite months - the weather here in Savannah is absolutely gorgeous and Fall is in the air.  Babies born in October (like my hubby!) are lucky enough to have two birthstones - opal and tourmaline.  Don't you just love the display of colors in an Opal when the light hits it just right? It's hard to capture that fire in a photo, but here are some good examples of some of the jewelry we have made featuring Opals...


Fun facts about these two birthstones:


1.  An opal is a unique mineral with a high percentage of water - it accounts for over 20% of the gem's weight.

2.  The opal is mined almost entirely in Australia and comes in varieties that range from milky white or pink to almost black.

3.  Tourmaline is believed to strengthen the body and spirit, especially the nervous system, blood, and lymph nodes. It is also thought to inspire creativity.

4. During the Black Plague, it was thought that the opal was able to tell how long it would take for the disease to kill a person. The colors would be brilliant when someone was close to their end, and the color would disappear upon death.  In actuality, the brilliant colors of the opal were due to the high fever caused by the Plague, and then subsiding upon death.

5.  Not an October baby but still love tourmaline and opal?  Celebrate your anniversary with these stones - they are the accepted gemstones for the 8th and 14th years, respectively.



Check back in November when I highlight my birthstone topaz!!


Stone of the Month: Opal



Happy birthday to all you October babies! Here are some fun facts about your birthstone; the opal...

  1. The opal is associated with hope, innocence, happiness, purity, faithfulness, loyalty, and confidence.
  2. The opal is often used to enhance visualization, imagination, dreams, and healing.
  3. 95% of opals are mined in Australia. The remaining 5% come from Mexico, Brazil, and the United States.
  4. The name "opal" means "to see a change in color". The stone comes in a variety of colors; black, crystal. yellow (fire), and white. All of these variations have their own set of characteristic colored flecks. The milky white opal is most common.
  5. Opals should be worn often, because they only contain 2-6% water. They can become brittle when stored in a dry place, but if worn frequently they absorb humidity off the wearers skin.
And just in case opal doesn't strike your fancy, pink tourmaline (pictured above) is an alternate stone for October birthdays. Do you have any interesting facts to share about these majestic birthstone? Let us know!