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Jewelry Design Help - Anatomy of a Good Design

Jewelry Design Elements That Inspire

The Anatomy of Good Design on Serendipity Charm


Sometimes inspiration for personalized fine jewelry comes easily - maybe it's a motivational quote you've loved for years or dates marking important milestones. Other times you may stumble upon a design that is just meant to be. Then there are those instances you may find yourself stumped in an endless feedback loop of jewelry designer's block (I must admit I've experienced this a time or two Wink). Here is a breakdown of a fun charm to break you out of the block and get inspired!


1 – Quality Designs Made of Quality Materials

I think we can all agree that anything worth making is worth making well. At Metal Pressions, we want our pieces to become lasting heirlooms, instantly. That’s why we only work with the finest materials – 14k solid gold, solid sterling silver and genuine diamonds.  Each character is hand stamped by me, meaning that you will own a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


2 – Creating an Emotional Connection

The jewelry people wear is a true representation of who they are. With every item we design, we aim to create an emotional connection with the wearer.  Our jewelry is more than just an addition to your wardrobe - it becomes part of you.  So much so, that many of our customers have told us they NEVER take off their charms! The key is to pick a theme that means something to you - what keeps you grounded?  What inspires you?  What/who motivates you to be better everyday?  The answers to these questions will immediately connect you emotionally to the piece you're designing.  The featured charm is about serendipity, but maybe it's happiness or joy that speaks to you.  Decide what matters most to you and go from there!

3 The Sparkle & Depth Factor

Beautiful charms that stand the test of time have depth that will continually grab and keep our attention. The 14K gold rim of the serendipity charm adds depth, in addition to the contrast of the silver and 14k gold metals. And who doesn’t love a little shimmer and shine?   Adding diamonds give life to what would otherwise be blank, negative space - grabbing and captivating attention. Empty space isn't necessarily a bad thing in some designs, but in active designs with lots of varying text a blank spot can stand out like something is missing. 

 4 – Mixing and Matching

Part of personal style is finding what works for you – blending parts into a whole. On some designs there might be an overall theme you want to be the main focus. For this design we highlighted the most important element/theme with a large stylized font and arranged it in in a fun curving pattern. The remaining complimentary words were filled in smaller simpler fonts to bring everything together.


The bottom line when you design your jewelry is to make something you absolutely love and will cherish for years to come. I hope to be making your next masterpiece soon!


Make a Statement - Inspirational Wide Rim Charms


Wide rimmed charms are one of our newer items and they really make a statement. This customer personalized her 1.25" 14k yellow gold wide rimmed disc with religious inspiration, making this piece a motivational statement and a fashion statement. The wide rim adds depth and weight making the charm more substantial than flat charms. The silver and gold contrast is enhanced with the 14k yellow gold cross element in the center. Finally, the text circles around the cross symbolizing the infinite and continuous meaning to the wearer. 

Visit our Instagram Feed for a video of this wide rimmed pendant.


Want to design a statement pendant of your own? With wide rims you can even put text on the rim! Look at some of the other combinations people have created...

#YouAreMySunshine My Only Sunshine! 14k Rimmed Oval #Lyric Necklace

Many of us share a similar fond memory of our mothers or grandmothers singing the song “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine" to us as children. The memories come rushing back when we finally have the opportunity in life to have our own families and sing our childhood songs to them. Staci contacted us with a request make a charm for her mother. She wanted to commemorate the special memories this song has for them.


Staci really wanted to have a full phrase of the song on the charm but wasn't sure if it could be done or what it would look like. We used our online jewelry designer to show her what the text looked like on few different charms and in a couple of different arrangements. She finalized on the 14K rimmed oval with a spiral layout. Every letter was hand stamped into the gold. We added diamond chandelier accents as the final touch. It all hangs beautifully from a 14k solid gold ball chain necklace.

Get this elegant necklace  with the same song quote and your custom text on the back.


Purchase these items to customize your own:

 - Pendant

 - Chandelier Accent

 - Diamonds

 - Chain



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As Long as I Live - 14k Solid White Gold Rimmed Cuff Bracelet

 Robin D. came to us with a little dilemma. She wanted to get her husband a special solid gold 14K bracelet but she had two problems: One, he's not the jewelry wearing type; Two, he's a big guy. When she shopped around she would find some things that he might like, but it wouldn't be offered in his size. We worked with Robin taking all the elements she wanted and incorporated them into her design in a size to fit the love of her life.

Stunning would only begin to describe this custom piece. We took our 14k solid white gold wide cuff bracelet and made it better! Her anniversary was commemorated with 14k white gold raised Roman numerals and a rim on each edge. The thick design with the clean simplicity of the raised letters is great for even the most finicky of guys. Robin tucked a sweet little message on the inside to remind her hubby that he's the "one". 

Robin followed up with us later to let us know the final verdict.... "he has worn it every day since he got it"

Personalize it now!

 14k Solid Gold Rimmed Cuff Bracelet

Add Letters and Numbers Too!
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Jewelry Design Social Hostess Gift


Silver and Gold Wrap Bracelet Philippians 1:6 For most of our 5 year history we have been an exclusively online business. Not only have we worked hard to make great jewelry, but we also created a shopping experience second to none with our online jewelry design software. While we love working with our customers designing jewelry over the phone and through chat, we wanted to start meeting with them face to face. To get some face time with them we started attending sales events, holding trunk shows, and created a hostess party rewards program. We are very grateful to have met so many amazing people.

Jewelry Hostess Part Trunk Show

Recently Kristin K. signed up to host a Jewelry Design Social event at the Coffee Deli in beautiful Savannah, Ga. She did a great job at putting her event together and had a very successful turnout.

Hostesses earn great rewards for their hard work. For her hostess gift she wanted something really unique. Kristen loved our leather and silver wrap bracelet, but also wanted to incorporate the contrast of a gold rim. Kristin also talked to us about the importance of her faith and charity. After working with a few designs and quotes, she felt inspired to have the bracelet customized with a phrase from Philippians 1:6, "he who began good work in you will carry it on to completion".

We added the gold rim as she requested and special gold slots to accommodate the leather wrap. We stamped the text with our classic typewriter font and mixed up the sizes and position to keep the layout fun and eye catching. Needless to say the result was #GORGEOUS and she was head over heals for it.

In the spirit of Kristin's commitment to faith and charity she asked if we would offer an additional discount for her guests if they brought in food donations to a local food drive. We were happy to oblige and help a good cause.

  Jewelry Hostess Rewards


 Get Kristin's bracelet or start with your own design:

 - Rimmed Leather Wrap Bracelet


Want to host a party?

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The bit of #scripture reads: 'He who began good
work in you will carry it on to completion' The perfect
quote for a great cause and a great woman!

I 'LUV' You with all of my heart!

At MetalPressions.com you can create a heart charm necklace like nothing else out there.  Mixing different colors of gold together on one charm creates a contrasting look that will get you the oohs and ahhs from even the most discerning #fashionistas.


This heart is 5/8” and features a 14K rose gold base with a 14K yellow gold rim. When creating this piece the customer opted for our classic vintage font, typewriter. The simple designs are great for everyday wear. We later found out that ‘LUV’ happened to be a set of initials for an important person in their lives. How fun!

Purchase these items to create your perfect version:

- 14k Solid Gold Rimmed Heart Charm

- 14k Solid Gold 1.9mm Flat Cable Chain


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