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Lauren Bush Lauren - FEED - Run10Feed10

Have you ever heard of the organization FEED or the event RUN10FEED10? Until recently we hadn't either. Around a year ago we had the pleasure of being contacted by Lauren Bush Lauren to work on a small gift project for her organization FEED. As we worked directly with Lauren on the items, we learned more about her and her organization. FEED is the initiative Lauren started in 2006 with the mission to create and sell products that generate revenue and use it to provide meals to people around the world. It's a simple and very effective concept with items that indicate the number of meals provided or people fed by the purchase of that item. Buy a bag that says "FEED 1" and you have provided school time meals for one child for an entire year. They have a wide variety of products with different levels of impact to choose from.

We had opportunity to meet up with Lauren this past summer in NYC to catch up and personally deliver a few gifts as a thank you not only for her business, but her humanitarian and philanthropic work. She has done an amazing job and we are grateful to have been introduced to not only a great organization but also to a genuine caring person that is making a positive impact on the world.


It's simple for you to get on board and help FEED the world. We encourage you to shop at FEED and get one of their stylish bags or accessories for yourself or as a gift. 

If you are the running type, then why not participate in their FEED 10 Run 10 event. Register for the event and you FEED 10 plus you get a limited addition FEED bag. You can help raise more by getting friends to register or just donating if running isn't your thing. While FEED provides meals worldwide, this particular event is focused on providing meals for 49 million Americans that need help.

We've created a Metal Pressions running group to support Lauren and Team Feed and raise funds towards their goal of 1,000,000 meals. We're not in a host city so we'll run our own 10K in Savannah sometime before November 10th. Register and run yourself, join our group and run with us, or just donate to our group page. Let's all chip in and get a little bit of that warm fuzzy good karma feeling... and get in a little better shape at the same time!

Register - (To join our team enter "Metal Pressions" when prompted) - http://bit.ly/1qO0gfL

Just donate - http://bit.ly/1sR12Lm