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Luna 14k Gold Moon Jewelry with Handstamped Name for Personalization

As the moon gets fuller and Halloween gets closer, my mind drifts to one of my kids favorite childhood books, "Goodnight Moon".  I would read it every night to them before bed and they never got sick of it.  Memorizing each page and then reciting it to me: Goodnight stars, Goodnight air, Goodnight noises everywhere...

Below is a 14k solid gold framed charm (a lunar match to last week's star pendant) with a 14k white gold soldered moon.



We have lots of great pieces featuring the moon, whether it's a favorite phrase of "I love you to the Moon" or a simple pair of  moon & star dangle earrings.  We have you covered when it comes to the heavenly body hanging in the sky...



Earrings make a perfect last minute gift!

Looking for a last minute gift? A set of custom earrings are a perfect choice! Not only are these great for any age, but we also offer sets to fit nearly any budget. Whether you're looking for simple silver studs or a solid gold pair of dangling earrings, we're sure to have something they will love.

Last minute situations are our specialty; she needed this gift by the next afternoon! This customer had always admired our rimmed coordinate charms and wanted to make a set of earrings out of them. After discussing sizes, materials and more she opted for an all sterling silver set. They turned out great and she was able to present this beautiful gift on time. Sometimes we feel a little like super heroes.. :)

Over the years we have added hundreds of raised accents to charms. Then we thought, 'these would make the cutest studs'!  So we started offering them and they have been such a hit with our customers.  We realized then that this was a category of jewelry we'd been neglecting and we've been offering new designs and options since.  Choose from studs, hanging charms, wire earrings and more. Nearly every piece can be customized down to the personalization or material.

Looking for something you don't see? We can probably create it! Just give us a call. 912-771-1133.

Sterling Silver Wire Hook Earrings