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🇺🇦 Help Us Help Our Friends in Ukraine

What's happening in Ukraine is an unimaginable tragedy. Over the past 15 years, we've had the pleasure to be partners with a business based in Ukraine. Like everyone in Ukraine, the Russian invasion has been devastating. Their 20-30 employees have been pushed from their homes and forced to find shelter scattering everyone across the country. Sometimes they spend nights in bomb shelters and their ability to provide for their families has been severely disrupted.


We have designed charms to support Ukraine during this tragedy. The proceeds from these charms will go directly to our friends to help with any immediate daily needs like food and clothing. If we raise enough to meet their immediate needs, we'll work with them to make sure the funds get directly distributed to grassroots humanitarian efforts.

FULL TRANSPARENCY: $50 of each piece will go to Ukrainian aid. We'll only keep $10 from each piece to cover a portion of the material, labor, overhead, and shipping.

Please consider helping us help our friends in Ukraine.

Click Here to Shop the Ukraine Charity Charm Collection