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Unforgettable Wedding Gifts: The Groom

A bride and groom exchange rings on their wedding day, but many couples also exchange gifts the night before or the day of their numptuals. These gifts are often items that can be worn or used on their wedding day or upcoming honeymoon. Most importantly they should be a metaphor for the marriage; timeless and built to last. Here are a few sentimental yet functional gift ideas for the groom that celebrate the first day of the rest of your lives:





Cuff links and tie clips are items he can wear on the wedding day and for all of your future special occasions. Keep them classic on the front for future use, but add a personal note on the back that marks the wedding day - every time he puts them on he will be reminded of walking down the aisle.




While the money clip is not something he can visibly wear on the wedding day, it is a very functional option and great for the guy who isn't into jewelry. He can use this item on a daily basis for years to come.


A wide men's cuff is a great versatile option. He can wear it casually or for special events. Add an inscription on the inside to commemorate your anniversary and/or a favorite quote or lyric on the outside that describes your relationship or the man he is.




Show him you know and love his interests and hobbies. Whenever he goes golfing or to play a few chords on his guitar he will remember your loving support.


Taking Tradition a Step Further: Unique Wedding Band Layouts


Our “Banded” 8mm ring has become one of our most popular men’s and women’s wedding band requests.  We always love when customer’s take traditional designs and make them their own. Take a look at these four 8mm wedding bands that put a new spin on our signature duck-band layout. While they still make a similar statement, there is a uniqueness that shows a little personality from each couple.



Is there a special word or phrase that you and your spouse or spouse-to-be share that would make a great wedding band?

Keep it Personal: From the Wedding Day to the Wedding Band



Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and it should fully represent you and your spouse-to-be. From the flowers to the dress you spend months hand picking everything. So, don’t you want the one item that will always be with you to be just as personal? Our personalized “banded” style 8mm rings are the perfect way to commemorate your special day. You can customize them with your wedding date, your names, and even a personal message on the inside. Here are a few layout and finish combinations other customers have ordered.

Inpirational Quote Jewelry - What Inspires You?

Small Silver and Gold Rimmed Charm Necklace

Have you ever thought of putting your favorite quote on a piece of jewelry? It's exciting to create something that motivates you and helps keep you focused on a goal and an end result. Using a mixture of fonts is ideal for quotes because it adds emotion to the statement which emphasizes how it relates to the recipient. It's all about emotional connection when it comes to inspirational gifts. 'May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows' makes a great wedding or birthday gift. 


Rimmed Mark Twain Quote Charm






Or maybe you know someone who just got a new job in the Big Apple.  Here is a fantastic congrats gift and something that will be sure to motivate them until they make their mark in New York!






The possibilities are endless with with our wide variety of items to choose from for men and women. Here are some other examples of unique money clips, key chains, bracelets and pendants that we have created with meaningful quotes to help get your creative gift giving juices flowing:Gold Einstein Quote Pendant

Oscar Wilde Quote Money ClipSterling Silver Quote Key Chain



Got a quote but need help with layout?

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