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Graduation Gift Idea - Personalized White Gold and Diamond Washer

A Graduation Gift from Mom

A loving mom designed a special gift for her daughter who is graduating from college this May.

She was so excited about giving her this custom 14K white gold washer that she gave it to her 6 months early!

The front of the pendant says it all! The washer has a light brushed finish and white diamond.

The back of the pendant is a great place to add your name, a date or a secret message.

Personalize your washer necklace today!

Thanks Darlene for the wonderful feedback! We are so glad that you and your daughter love your personalized jewelry from Metal Pressions!

Jewelry Trends - Large Black & White Gold Hoop Earrings New York Fashion Week 2016

Jewelry Trends: Large White Gold Hoop Earrings

Everyone has been talking about big, bold, white and gold on the runways this past week in New York. 

During the past month, we have been working on a custom set of large white gold hoop earrings with black obsidian stone accents for a customer of ours. Here is a little behind the scenes look at the process...

 Coming up with a new design for a customer

First, we start sketching out a couple of design ideas to get our creative juices flowing.  We then send the customer these ideas to see which style he likes best. 

He selected the infinity hoop style with accent beads (second drawing from the left).

Behind the scenes in the Metal Pressions shop!

And now the production! We start off with some gold wire, hand shape it into the geometrical eye shaped components (they also look like infinity symbols to me) and soldered them together to make one long piece.


After a bit of finishing, we formed the wire into a Hoop Shape. 

(Side Note: This design would also make a great cuff bracelet too!)


After forming the hoops, we created headpins for each black obsidian bead and soldered those onto the gold wire.

We then hand formed the ear wires and attached them so that the hoops dangle perfectly.

 And Voila!

A gorgeous pair of white gold hoop earrings that can be worn everyday! 

You can find these beauties in our Etsy shop


Call us today to start your own design 1-912-771-1133


Taking Tradition a Step Further: Unique Wedding Band Layouts


Our “Banded” 8mm ring has become one of our most popular men’s and women’s wedding band requests.  We always love when customer’s take traditional designs and make them their own. Take a look at these four 8mm wedding bands that put a new spin on our signature duck-band layout. While they still make a similar statement, there is a uniqueness that shows a little personality from each couple.



Is there a special word or phrase that you and your spouse or spouse-to-be share that would make a great wedding band?

White Gold and Rhodium Plating - Why We Don't Do It

When it comes to white gold at MetalPressions.com we differ substantially from what you might find at your typical fine jewelry store; we do not rhodium plate our white gold.

White Gold is Plated?

Maybe you weren't even aware that white golds are almost always plated. They are plated because today's white gold alloys are a darker color than silver, platinum, or palladium. As you may know, any Karat gold less then pure 24K gold is an alloy and contains varying amounts of other materials. Those other materials effect the color and can make it range through a whole host of colors including: bright yellow, warm yellow, green, pink, and white. White gold may contain palladium, nickle, silver, copper, and zinc. The exact combination of these materials will effect the hue of white color the gold has. We have heard claims that older white alloys may have been brighter than today's alloys. These rumors imply that today's darker alloys use less expensive material becasue of the availability of plating to make them appear brighter. Why add more expensive materials to make the white gold brighter when it's going to be plated anyway? We couldn't find definitive proof that this was true. We did find that even some of the whitest white gold alloys still look considerably darker than silver.

What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a very expensive but brittle metal that doesn't work well for solid jewelry applications. However, it is an excellent material for plating and with a bright white hue.














Why is White Gold Rhodium Plated?

If its whiter is it more valuable?

There are several reasons why its typical for white gold to be plated. As discussed above, a brighter white color is sometimes preferred. Similar to yellow gold, where often a brighter yellow is associated with a higher karat of gold, a more brilliant white gold might viewed as more valuable.

Wow, that ring is unbelievably brilliant!

Other times designers may call for the more brilliant and reflective rhodium plating to help set off diamonds in a design. The high reflectivity can enhance the brilliance of a stone and possibly give the illusion that the stone is bigger or there are more diamonds than there really are.

Got allergies to nickel?

The majority of white gold alloys contain nickle, sometimes in the range of 15% of the total composition. It's understandable when compared to a palladium white gold composition without nickle that can be as much as 40% more expensive. There are several studies that report 10% - 20% of the population as having a nickle allergy of varying degrees. For those with a sensitivity to nickle, rhodium plating helps prevent the skin coming in contact with the nickle in the white gold. That works until the plating wears away over time.

Why Don't We Plate Our White Gold?

The truth is we just never thought to do it. As self taught jewelers with little influence from the mainstream traditional jewelry industry, we didn't have good reason to pursue plating. Where others may frown on the darker color of un-plated white gold, we embrace the deeper color as a distinction from the brighter materials. We find that when you do add diamonds to natural white gold, the darker background can make them stand out considerably more than on a bright surface. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with using plating to set off a stone, but we tend to focus on making an element look good for its size and placement. Our genre of jewelry doesn't lean toward optical effects to increase perceived value. Many of the designs we make have subdued finishes for a warm and more subtle look. For all those reason and the fact that we don't like the idea our of customers having to regularly re-plate items, we opt not to Rhodium plate our white gold.

What Type Of White Gold Are We Using?

Our white gold has a medium gray color that is noticeably different than silver. It sets itself apart from the mainstream and is equally as effective and stunning in it's own right when used in our designs. If you are looking for unique and bold, then our white gold is for you. Our white gold does contain nickle, so if allergies are an issue, customers can request the more expensive palladium white gold without nickle or (as a last resort) Rhodium plating.

Here are some white gold listings of the items pictured:

Solid Gold Bar Necklace

White Gold Wide Rimmed Pendant Necklace with Diamonds

White Gold Wedding Bands

White Gold Washer Necklaces

White Gold Mobius Twist Ring

Interested in a white gold design?

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Rimmed 14k Gold Charm #MommyNecklace

Adding raised accent shapes is a great way to add more depth to your charms. For those of you that want to go a little beyond the simplicity of a single name on a charm, these accents fill vacant space well without making the design too busy. This set of charms is a great example of using a few different shapes and sizes of 14K sunburst, moon, and star accents. We worked with this customer showing her several shapes,  sizes, and color options. After a few previews she selected the version that mixed the colors and used the clean simple Block and Cap Subcap fonts.


14K Personalized Framed Charm Necklace

Create your name charm necklace with these items:
- 14k Yellow Gold Chain
- 14k Yellow Gold Charms with Rim
- 14k Rose and Yellow Charm with Rim
- 14k White Gold Accent
- 14k Yellow Gold Accents


What to see options and mock ups?

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As Long as I Live - 14k Solid White Gold Rimmed Cuff Bracelet

 Robin D. came to us with a little dilemma. She wanted to get her husband a special solid gold 14K bracelet but she had two problems: One, he's not the jewelry wearing type; Two, he's a big guy. When she shopped around she would find some things that he might like, but it wouldn't be offered in his size. We worked with Robin taking all the elements she wanted and incorporated them into her design in a size to fit the love of her life.

Stunning would only begin to describe this custom piece. We took our 14k solid white gold wide cuff bracelet and made it better! Her anniversary was commemorated with 14k white gold raised Roman numerals and a rim on each edge. The thick design with the clean simplicity of the raised letters is great for even the most finicky of guys. Robin tucked a sweet little message on the inside to remind her hubby that he's the "one". 

Robin followed up with us later to let us know the final verdict.... "he has worn it every day since he got it"

Personalize it now!

 14k Solid Gold Rimmed Cuff Bracelet

Add Letters and Numbers Too!
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