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Kids Names on Gold Jewelry for Fall Fashion

Warm up with 14K Gold this Fall!


As I touched on a few weeks ago in my Trendy Tuesday post, yellow gold was all over the Fall runways this year.  But why stop at yellow?!  I think all the colors of gold are perfect compliments to Fall fashion colors and runway trends - yellow, rose, white and green.  To be fashion forward, try mixing up the colors to create a visually appealing design that pops!


One great way to mix gold for a family necklace is to have each pendant in a different color.  I like rose gold for my daughter, yellow gold for my oldest son and white gold for my middle boy.  Pictured above is an example of what one mom designed for her children's pendants. She went with green (yes, we have 14k green gold!), yellow and rose gold flat bar pendants in varying sizes, and a beautiful satin finish to complete the design.


Another customer not only went with different colors of gold for her kids, but included a cutout star on one and a different finish for each pendant which makes for a really eye-catching piece. Feel free to call 1-912-771-1133 or chat on our website with our designers anytime for a free consultation!






Trendy Tuesday - Hello Yellow!

Warm up your Fall wardrobe with 14k yellow gold


As I was dropping the kiddos off for their first day of school last week, it dawned on me that Fall is just around the corner - even if it is currently 96 degrees in Savannah... As the temperatures begin to fall, consider the change of seasons as the perfect time to warm up your wardrobe with 14k gold jewelry! 




Gold jewelry was prominent in the 2015 Fall Fashion Shows in Paris and New York; it complimented the darker greys, greens and reds that were all over the runway.  We use a warm color of gold called Hamilton yellow - it has has a deep vintage look as compared to some of the very bright yellow golds you may see.


14k Personalized Gold Cuffs & Bracelets

These will become your standard, never-take-it-off, "how did I ever live without this piece of jewelry" bracelets.  We offer lots of arm candy!  9mm gold cuffs (perfect for both men and women), slender 5mm cuffs, skinny cuffs, wide bangles and skinny bangles all are great for layering!




 14k Hand Stamped Gold Charms

I love the versatility of our 14k gold charms - you get to design every aspect to make a one-of-a-kind charm to fit you perfectly!  This includes text, font, size, shape, layout and necklace length. Knowing the necklace I'm wearing is unique to just me means a lot - I won't see someone else wearing it in the grocery store!



 14k Earrings

Don't forget a little ear BLING to complete your outfit!


We would love to create a custom 14k gold design just for you - feel free to call us at 800.554.8196.  Tune in next Tuesday to see what is