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14k Gold "7" Necklace Charm

Any Design Can Come To Life: From Concept to Craftsmanship


Rough Sketch Turns into 14k Gold Necklace Charm



You may have seen custom jewelry that took the handwriting or drawing of a child and engraved it onto a charm; it's a fun way to capture some of childhoods early moments. This number seven charm takes that concept to an entirely new level.

This is a great example of how even a rough sketch can become a beautiful piece of jewelry. A few weeks back a customer came to us with a drawing her son had imagined as necklace. They weren’t sure how to conceptualize the final product but they sent us his sketch and trusted our skill and artistry to make it a reality.

You can get your own custom shape made.

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14K Number 7 Sapphire Pave Necklace

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Custom 14K Pave Charm - Custom Cut Shape

14k Gold and Sapphire Pave Necklace From Rough Sketch



A quick look at our final gold pave necklace.


Childs Drawing turned into a Real Piece of Jewelry



The original sketch we were given.





A close up of the necklace so you can see the intricacy in the layout of the stones and the care taken in mimicking the shape to match the rough sketch.






14k Gold and Sapphire Pave Necklace From Childs Drawing


 A perfect match!


14k Gold and Sapphire Pave Necklace

One final look at this stunning gold pave and sapphire necklace. A great gift for mom or a way to immortalize an image from your child's imagination? We love creating one of a kind handmade jewelry for our clients. If you've got an idea that's not fully realized we can ad that spark of creativity and show you mock ups along the way. Check out our Online Jewelry Design software if you just want to play around with some concepts or follow us on Instagram for daily inspiration.

Metal Pressions Visit to Etsy

 Visiting Etsy 

The Main Door at Etsy  A Crafty Space at Etsy


As part of our little initiative, Project #ThanksEtsy, we set out to visit Etsy headquarters in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, on March 10th. Our plan was to meet a few Etsians, thank them in person for the impact they've had on our business, give out our handcrafted gifts, and be on our way.

Front Desk at Etsy with a man eating plant Hand crafted over-sized lamp at Etsy

What we thought was going to be short visit turned out to be a several hour affair. Elisha and I were given a tour the of the facility, met a ton of Etsy people, and grabbed a bite at their bi-weekly lunch (appropriately called Eatsy). The visit brought me back to the exciting times during my early career at a young internet start-up called Priceline.com, except the environment at Etsy is much cooler! There is a noticeable buzz at Etsy - not just because they are working hard and have a impending IPO - it's the electrifying feeling you get when great people come together with creative ideas and initiatives.


A really Cool larger than life Owl Sculpture at Etsy a mosaic art piece in an Etsy lounge


You're probably wondering what it's like at the crafty marketplace giant. Is the place as incredible as their website? After all, they have so many amazing vendors making everything from fine jewelry like us to wooden tables and beer holders.  So the answer to your question is YES. Etsy is as cool as you thought it would be.  Actually, it's cooler than you can imagine. It starts off with a seemingly uninteresting entrance, but all that ends when you pull open the heavy wooden doors. From there you're greeted with an eclectic entrance and front desk decorated with a cornucopia of all types of goodies from the crafty to the well-crafted.

Etsians at work - Hey no cubicles!


For a space that houses over 500 employees, it surprisingly doesn't seem too big or overcrammed. We couldn't see any traditional cubicle spaces. Lots of open space with picnic table style desks where Etsians work together a la family-style dining. No phones on the desks (but there are some replica phone booths where people can make their calls) make the space surprisingly quiet.

Etsy Indoor Bike Parking. Etsy cargo bike to haul compost.


To top it off, they have a zero carbon foot print initiative! Not only do you see recycling everywhere, but they also have indoor bike parking. Racks of glass "to-go" coffee cups are available to avoid needing paper cups when Etsians take a stroll to local coffee shops. Add to that up-cycling and the fact they all pitch in to pedal biodegradable waste to a local compost, and you'll start to realize that the people at Etsy aren't just cooler than you thought...They are nice, thoughtful, hardworking, dedicated, innovative, and a downright pleasant group people; and one that we happen to be particularly fond of. ;-)


Project #ThanksEtsy

Etsy has played an important role in our business. They created a platform that has allowed our business to thrive and develop.


On March 18th we launched an initiative called “Project #ThanksEtsy”.


It started with a visit to Etsy on March 10th to thank them in person. We felt that with the impact Etsy has had on our business it was time to thank them the best way we know how... with a few handmade gifts. We wanted to express our gratitude and give them a more personal look at the fruits of their labor. This video shows us in action making the silver charms we gave to every Etsy employee.


We hope our Project #ThanksEtsy inspires other vendors to share the positive impact Etsy has had on them through posting video and pics with hashtag #ThanksEtsy.


Valentine's Day Jewelry Specials - Gift's that don't die or put on weight!

This Valentine's Day give the gift that won't die or add unwanted pounds... Custom Jewelry ;-)


Valentine's Day Jewelry Specials


Any Heart Shaped Charm or Embellishment and All Real Flush Set Diamonds are 15%Off

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Custom Silver Bracelet - I Will Always Remember You - A.A. Milne

This bracelet was made for a mother who lost her 2 year old son. On his bedroom wall was a frame with a quote, "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." With loss we often find comfort in places, objects, and the interests of those who have passed. This particular saying hanging on her son's wall did just that.

She had thought of using those words in a custom piece of jewelry to remember her son, but hadn't known at the time it was just a portion of the following very touching quote:

“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together... there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll always be with you.” ― A.A. Milne, Author of Winnie-the-Pooh

The complete quote was very powerful and moving. Our customer selected the portions of the quote that were meaningful to her for the personalization on the bracelet. Elisha, without instruction & unknowing of the loss, felt drawn to highlight the words, "I always remember you."

Watch as she uses our online jewelry design software to create this one of a kind custom silver memorial bracelet.

Check out the design in the software and modify to make it your own. I will always remember you bracelet.

Not Into Jewelry? Go for a Personalized Key Chain

Want to give a meaningful personalized gift to someone, but you know they aren't the jewelry wearing type? We've all come across that special someone who is nearly impossible to shop for. Any effort, direct or sneaky, to unlock the secret to the ultimate gift is met with indifference.

If you often hear a long drawn out "Meh" when you hint at a beautiful piece of jewelry or make a fashion suggestion, then maybe a personalized key chain is the perfect solution. Our key chains are fashioned from the same material and with the same care as all of our jewelry, making a perfect heartfelt gift they can keep with them at all times, but not interfere with their overly selective fashion sense ;-)

These personalized key chains include special dates, quotes and initials in a few different layouts. We recently discussed graffiti jewelry designs in a post and this style is great for key chains as well. On the example to the left, we took a customer's new years resolution and turned it into an eye-catching daily reminder to help her reach her goals.

 Just about any charm can work on a key chain. Just select a key chain ring and then add a custom personalized charm of your choice.


Checkout these other design ideas for your next gift!


Need help designing a key chain?

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Silver Key Chain

Custom Heart Key chain


Personalized Custom Key Chain

White Gold and Rhodium Plating - Why We Don't Do It

When it comes to white gold at MetalPressions.com we differ substantially from what you might find at your typical fine jewelry store; we do not rhodium plate our white gold.

White Gold is Plated?

Maybe you weren't even aware that white golds are almost always plated. They are plated because today's white gold alloys are a darker color than silver, platinum, or palladium. As you may know, any Karat gold less then pure 24K gold is an alloy and contains varying amounts of other materials. Those other materials effect the color and can make it range through a whole host of colors including: bright yellow, warm yellow, green, pink, and white. White gold may contain palladium, nickle, silver, copper, and zinc. The exact combination of these materials will effect the hue of white color the gold has. We have heard claims that older white alloys may have been brighter than today's alloys. These rumors imply that today's darker alloys use less expensive material becasue of the availability of plating to make them appear brighter. Why add more expensive materials to make the white gold brighter when it's going to be plated anyway? We couldn't find definitive proof that this was true. We did find that even some of the whitest white gold alloys still look considerably darker than silver.

What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a very expensive but brittle metal that doesn't work well for solid jewelry applications. However, it is an excellent material for plating and with a bright white hue.














Why is White Gold Rhodium Plated?

If its whiter is it more valuable?

There are several reasons why its typical for white gold to be plated. As discussed above, a brighter white color is sometimes preferred. Similar to yellow gold, where often a brighter yellow is associated with a higher karat of gold, a more brilliant white gold might viewed as more valuable.

Wow, that ring is unbelievably brilliant!

Other times designers may call for the more brilliant and reflective rhodium plating to help set off diamonds in a design. The high reflectivity can enhance the brilliance of a stone and possibly give the illusion that the stone is bigger or there are more diamonds than there really are.

Got allergies to nickel?

The majority of white gold alloys contain nickle, sometimes in the range of 15% of the total composition. It's understandable when compared to a palladium white gold composition without nickle that can be as much as 40% more expensive. There are several studies that report 10% - 20% of the population as having a nickle allergy of varying degrees. For those with a sensitivity to nickle, rhodium plating helps prevent the skin coming in contact with the nickle in the white gold. That works until the plating wears away over time.

Why Don't We Plate Our White Gold?

The truth is we just never thought to do it. As self taught jewelers with little influence from the mainstream traditional jewelry industry, we didn't have good reason to pursue plating. Where others may frown on the darker color of un-plated white gold, we embrace the deeper color as a distinction from the brighter materials. We find that when you do add diamonds to natural white gold, the darker background can make them stand out considerably more than on a bright surface. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with using plating to set off a stone, but we tend to focus on making an element look good for its size and placement. Our genre of jewelry doesn't lean toward optical effects to increase perceived value. Many of the designs we make have subdued finishes for a warm and more subtle look. For all those reason and the fact that we don't like the idea our of customers having to regularly re-plate items, we opt not to Rhodium plate our white gold.

What Type Of White Gold Are We Using?

Our white gold has a medium gray color that is noticeably different than silver. It sets itself apart from the mainstream and is equally as effective and stunning in it's own right when used in our designs. If you are looking for unique and bold, then our white gold is for you. Our white gold does contain nickle, so if allergies are an issue, customers can request the more expensive palladium white gold without nickle or (as a last resort) Rhodium plating.

Here are some white gold listings of the items pictured:

Solid Gold Bar Necklace

White Gold Wide Rimmed Pendant Necklace with Diamonds

White Gold Wedding Bands

White Gold Washer Necklaces

White Gold Mobius Twist Ring

Interested in a white gold design?

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2013 & 2012 Top Baby Names

In April of last year we reported the Top Baby Names  and trends for 2011. The social security department distributes data on births and names annually. By April they still had not released the information for 2012 so we just presented data from 2011.

2012 To baby Names
Rank Boy Names Girl Names
1 Jacob Sophia
2 Mason Emma
3 Ethan Isabella
4 Noah Olivia
5 William Ava
6 Liam Emily
7 Michael Abigail
8 Jayden Mia
9 Alexander Madison
10 Aiden Elizabeth

We finally had a chance to dig up the data and can give you a summary for 2012 & 2013. Some congratulations are in order for Noah and Sophia for taking the number one name spots. Sophia continues her reign of the top spot for three years in a row, while Jacob got ousted from his two year stint as the champ.

2013 Top Baby Names
Rank Boy Names Girl Names
1 Noah Sophia
2 Liam Emma
3 Jacob Olivia
4 Mason Isabella
5 William Ava
6 Ethan Mia
7 Michael Emily
8 Alexander Abigail
9 Jayden Madison
10 Daniel Elizabeth

Jacob has some consolation in the fact that names for boys that started with the letter J were more popular than any other letter. For girls, the letter "A" takes the cake with 17% of girl names starting with the lead letter of the alphabet. Those letters have held their respective top positions for the past three years.  So who's at the bottom of the top 1000 baby names? Augustine and Aurelia were dead last in 2012 and Darien and Collins replaced them in 2013. And the least used letters? For the past three years, without much surprise it's X for boys at .004% of names and U for girls at 0.0% of names.

It's note worthy that in the past three years not one girl name with the letter "U" has made it into the top 1000 names. What happened to Ursala? We know she is the evil queen from the Disney movie "The Little Mermaid", but aren't we far enough away from 1989 to break that spell?

Mom and Baby Silver Cuff Bracelet Set

The bottom line is that if you are looking for some really unique names, look at the end of the top 1000 names. There are lots of names that are used way less frequently and year over year vary considerably more than the top 100.


And the most popular Baby Gift? Year over year our Solid Sterling Silver Baby Cuff Bracelet takes the prize. Make it a matching set with our Full Sized Silver Personalized Cuff for mom.

2012 Popular First Letters
for Names
Letter Boys   Letter Girls
j 10.60%   a 17.50%
a 9.30%   m 10.10%
c 7.70%   k 9.40%
m 7.10%   l 7.20%
k 6.70%   j 7.30%
b 6.70%   c 7.10%
d 7.10%   e 6.00%
r 6.70%   s 5.70%
l 4.40%   b 4.10%
t 4.80%   r 3.80%
e 4.40%   h 3.00%
s 4.20%   d 3.00%
g 3.50%   g 2.50%
h 2.30%   n 2.50%
n 2.10%   p 2.20%
f 1.90%   t 2.30%
p 1.70%   i 1.60%
z 1.50%   v 1.20%
i 1.70%   z 1.10%
w 1.50%   f 0.90%
o 1.10%   w 0.50%
v 1.00%   y 0.60%
y 0.70%   o 0.20%
q 0.50%   q 0.10%
u 0.40%   x 0.10%
x 0.40%   u 0.00%
2013 Popular First Letters
for Names
Letter Boys   Letter Girls
j 10.40%   a 17.00%
a 9.40%   m 10.10%
c 8.00%   k 9.00%
m 7.30%   l 7.30%
k 6.70%   j 7.00%
b 6.60%   c 6.70%
d 6.60%   e 6.30%
r 6.60%   s 5.60%
l 4.70%   b 4.00%
t 4.70%   r 4.00%
e 4.40%   h 3.20%
s 4.20%   d 3.10%
g 3.60%   g 2.60%
h 2.30%   n 2.60%
n 2.10%   p 2.40%
f 1.90%   t 2.20%
p 1.80%   i 1.80%
z 1.60%   v 1.20%
i 1.50%   z 1.20%
w 1.50%   f 1.00%
o 1.10%   w 0.70%
v 1.00%   y 0.50%
y 0.70%   o 0.30%
q 0.50%   q 0.10%
u 0.40%   x 0.10%
x 0.40%   u 0.00%



Unique Personalized Jewelry Design - Unblackened Text


We recently talked about how you can make your personalized jewelry a little different by off centering the text. Click to see the post about those unique jewelry designs.

Here are two other examples of how a small change like not blackening the text can set your jewelry apart. The absence of the black in the letters softens the look of the charm and makes the text more subtle; an effect that looks distinctively classy.

The charm on the left is a 14K 5/8" Gold Charm with Bail. The text is stamped in our block font.

The charm on the right is a 14K Rectangle Charm that measures 35mm x 11mm. The coordinates are stamped in our script font.

Both charms hang from the 14K 2.8mm Flat Oval Cable Chain.

If you want your text unblackened, just request that in the additional notes before you add the item to your cart or call to place the order over the phone. 912-771-1133