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How would you define true love?

Everyone has their own definition of what true love means to them. This necklace captures the feeling of being in love that overwhelms you after a passionate kiss. 

Pictured in 14K rose gold with a 14K yellow rim and saying "True love is the feeling that still lingers long after the kiss is over."

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We used a variety of fonts in a fun jumbled layout, accented with a pave XO instead of the word kiss to keep this design fun and in the spirit of the innocent days of infatuation.

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Tarot Card and Moonstone Necklace

This time of year is about all things magical and mystical and if you are into that, you are going to LOVE this design! Complete with Tarot Card and one of the most mystical and ethereal gems, the Moonstone. 

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According to legend, the moonstone represents a woman’s divine power and her fertility cycle that’s connected to the moon’s phases. It often also symbolizes inner growth and strength, easy childbirth, purification, self-development, spiritualization, and re-energization to name a few.

The waxing crescent moon in the design symbolizes fresh energy, conceptualization, focus on detail, sprouting, and declaration. 

A modern witch may also include a star in her design to harness positive energy and protection from evil spirits.

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Our customer added the hermit from the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck
to her design. According to the Deck Creator, this card represents solitude,
self-reflection, and meditation.

Which Tarot Card will you add to yours?

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As always, our designs can be easily modified to suit your custom needs.

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Birth Stats Jewelry Design Template - 10 Min DIY Baby Keepsakes

  Birth Stat Charm

When a close friend is expecting a little bundle of joy, what do you get her after the baby is born? 

A special keepsake of course! I’ve seen t-shirts, wall hangings & pillows but have you ever thought of an heirloom-quality piece of jewelry that can be handed down for generations? With our online jewelry design tool, you can DIY (Design It Yourself)! How cool would it be to receive this treasure from your mom when you got older. And to think that she wore it close to her heart every day while you were a baby 🥰 I just love all of the sentimental feelings evoked by personalized jewelry!

Watch a quick tutorial at the end of this post to learn how you can use our pre-loaded designs as a starting place to personalize a piece and make it your own.

Birth stat jewelry records all of the special details of a baby’s big entrance into the world! The baby’s name, weight, length, time of birth, and place of birth can all be displayed, not to mention birthstones! You can even add a quote or personal message to the back of the piece.

Birth Stats Pendant  

I don't know about you but this would be one of my most treasured gifts (not to mention my husband and I would never struggle to try to remember all of the important details of each baby's birth - and I must admit that with three kids, we sometimes do!).

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Online Jewelry Design Tutorial: Saint Patrick's Day Lucky Charm Necklace


Here's a quick design tutorial for a fun St. Patrick's Day charm. It only takes about a minute and a half.

To start from scratch and follow along, open the Online Jewelry Design Tool and click start designing, use this preloaded design link or watch our Video Tutorial

Start by loading up a silver charm with a gold rim by clicking Add Product/Charms/Rimmed Charms/Silver Charm with Gold Rim and select the style and size that you like and add it to the design board.

I added a 7/8" silver disc with 14k yellow gold rim:

Add a chain by clicking Add Product/All Categories/Necklace Chains/Gold 14K and select the style and length that you like and add it to the design board.

I selected am 18-inch, 14K yellow gold 2mm flat cable chain:

If you didn't know, St. Patrick's Day in Savannah is quite a big deal. We have one of the largest parades in the country next to Boston and New York. It started way back in 1824 with the Hibernian Society and they had a bunch of people come in and parade around the streets. Around 1870 it started to get a little more formalized. Apparently no alcohol back then. Who knows? Just kidding. It is a huge party the city swells to like 300,000 plus people come in to see this. It's ridiculous. It's a big fun mess! If you haven't been, you should definitely put it on your bucket list. 

Add some text top and bottom to commemorate your visit to Savannah for St. Pat's. Click Add Text and start typing in your personalization and select the font and size you like best.

I selected 1.5mm typewriter font and I've rockered it using the text effects option and arc amount dial:

Now we're going to find an accent symbol. Click Add Product/All Categories/Symbol Stamps and select the symbol that you like and add it to the design board.

I selected the four-leaf clover from the Animals & Nature Category:

I had to look up the difference between a shamrock and a four-leaf clover. A Shamrock has three and a Four-Leaf Clover, has, well four leaves...obviously. The three leaves stand for hope, faith, and love. The fourth is the Luck of the Irish!

Looks pretty good filling up space nicely. There's a little negative space left that's bugging me so now we are going to tune it up just a little bit and we're going to add a little color so we'll throw in some stones...green perhaps? (to keep those pesky leprechauns from pinching us!) 

Click the Add Product/All Categories/Gems/Flush Set/Diamonds Tab and select the color and size that you like and add it to the design board.

I added two 2mm light green diamonds:

Drag those into place and tada! You have a St. Patrick's Day charm in about a minute and a half. 

Watch our Video Tutorial


Selecting a Necklace Length and Style

You’ve personalized the perfect pendant and now it's time to pair it with the perfect chain!

We have lots of necklace styles to choose from: flat link cable, round link cable, rope, and box chain styles.⁣





Our most popular chain length and style for women is an 18 inch, Flat Link Cable and for men, a 22 inch, Round Link Chain.

When it comes to choosing a length, women gravitate toward 16” and 18”, while men generally look for longer lengths like 20” and 24”.⁣


Layering has become a huge trend. By layering the varying lengths of a chain, you can express your own style. From 14 inches all the way to 36 inches, the options are endless.⁣


If you prefer a choker style chain, choose from 14 to 16 inches in length.⁣ 

New Grandma? Modern Grandma Names That You Will Love!

Name Ideas for the Modern Grandmother 

Congratulations!  You are a proud new grandma and can't get enough of that sweet bundle of joy. But...you don't feel like you quite fit the mold of "Granny" and are looking for a more modern name for grandma.  Whether you are a younger than average grandma or just a cool, hip grandmother, the best name that your grandchild should bestow upon you is the one that captures just that, YOU and your personality.  Here are some fun nicknames that have been given to modern-day grandmas around the world.  They are the perfect touch to a personalized Mother's Day gift for your trendy grandma!
































DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Love Rings? Here is how we make them...

"Made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality" - English Oxford Dictionary


When we make a ring, we start with a flat piece of stock metal. After it’s cut to size we handstamp each character of your custom text. The flat piece is rough formed into a ring using a bending tool with careful preparation to make the seam flush and tight. The ring is then prepped with flux and soldered together. Using a mandrel the ring is worked into a round shape and sized. The seam is filed and the surface prepped for the final finish of the customer’s choice.