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Celebrating Sobriety with a Custom Teetotaler Necklace

When people accomplish goals, they like to commemorate them. LaRita chose to accomplish sobriety and celebrate her achievement with a very meaningful pink gold pendant. We thought that this was such a wonderful accomplishment that we just had to share it and congratulate LaRita!

She reached out and showed us an image of two T's surrounded by a square (see below) and told us that she would like the image on a rose gold square pendant and a date on the back. The date signifies her soberversary (sober anniversary). The Tt symbol is one used for "teetotaler" (a person who never drinks alcohol). 

After she placed her order, we created an illustration of the image on a rose gold pendant with the date on the back for her to review and approve.


Upon receiving her necklace, LaRita told us that she "LOVE LOVE LOVES IT... It makes her cry!! Thanks again for ANOTHER wonderful custom piece... YOU ARE THE BEST!!"  


Thank you LaRita for the kind words :)  We are so glad that you love it!


Donna Schmidt and Maggie's Mission

Meet Donna Schmidt & Maggie’s Mission

The resolve of undying love

We’re always bragging about our customers and over the years we’ve met many amazing and special people. I know every business makes the same claim, but I want to introduce you to one customer that over the course of the past year has profoundly inspired us.

It was a little less than a year ago in July 2017 that Donna Schmidt reached out to us. In her message, she described the necklace she wanted us to make in commemoration of her daughter, Maggie. The loss for her was tragic and very recent, happening a little over a month earlier on June 1st, 2017.  Less than a year before that, in October 2016, Maggie was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive cancer called Malignant Rhabdoid Tumors. In 8 short months, Maggie lost her battle and her mother had to experience the reality of a parent's greatest fear.