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Luna 14k Gold Moon Jewelry with Handstamped Name for Personalization

As the moon gets fuller and Halloween gets closer, my mind drifts to one of my kids favorite childhood books, "Goodnight Moon".  I would read it every night to them before bed and they never got sick of it.  Memorizing each page and then reciting it to me: Goodnight stars, Goodnight air, Goodnight noises everywhere...

Below is a 14k solid gold framed charm (a lunar match to last week's star pendant) with a 14k white gold soldered moon.



We have lots of great pieces featuring the moon, whether it's a favorite phrase of "I love you to the Moon" or a simple pair of  moon & star dangle earrings.  We have you covered when it comes to the heavenly body hanging in the sky...



14k Gold Star Elements in Jewelry Design

14k Solid Gold Rimmed Pendant with Soldered Stars


To me, the month of October is synonymous with Halloween.  For weeks, I have been helping my kids plan out their scary costumes, decorating our house with all things spooky and enjoying the earlier, darker nights. With that in mind, this Tuesday I've decided to highlight this solid gold name charm with 14k soldered stars.  Adding 14k soldered elements to any standard pendant will give it added depth, and these stars create an overall fun, whimsical design.


I can't resist posting a few more of my starry designs.  Check them out:



New Product Feature - 14k Gold Layering Nameplate Necklace on a Handcrafted Diamond Bezel Satellite Chain

14k Solid Gold Nameplate with Diamond Bezel Satellite Chain



I'm so excited to feature a new jewelry design this Tuesday!

This gorgeous 14k nameplate necklace was designed to compliment a returning customer's pave diamond nameplate necklace with her children's names.  She knew she wanted a similar style in order to layer the necklaces together, but she didn't want an exact match.  I suggested creating a gold satellite chain with bezel set diamonds dispersed throughout the solid gold cable chain.  The result is stunning and she agreed!


Since Layered Nameplate Necklaces are so popular right now, I wanted to give you another layering idea with our  offset letter necklace.  We have many different lengths and widths of horizontal rectangle charms (a.k.a. nameplates) to choose from, not to mention custom lengths.  Click here to start your design today!


As always, we have a great team of design consultants that can take your ideas and help you develop them into a cohesive jewelry design. 

Call us at 800.554.8196 and let's talk!




14k Solid Gold Bracelet with Colored Diamond Birthstones

Gold Bracelet with Flush Set Diamonds


This Tuesday I want to highlight a perfect gift for all the mommies out there - a diamond bangle bracelet.  It's a great alternative to the standard charm necklace and perfect for someone who loves to stack bracelets.  Below is one of my favorite recent designs.  This customer chose 14k white gold and wanted four flush set diamond birthstones with an initial for each child spread equally across the bracelet.  It's such a simple, chic design!



For those who don't have it in their budget to splurge on gold, we also offer this bracelet in solid sterling silver:




Kids Names on Gold Jewelry for Fall Fashion

Warm up with 14K Gold this Fall!


As I touched on a few weeks ago in my Trendy Tuesday post, yellow gold was all over the Fall runways this year.  But why stop at yellow?!  I think all the colors of gold are perfect compliments to Fall fashion colors and runway trends - yellow, rose, white and green.  To be fashion forward, try mixing up the colors to create a visually appealing design that pops!


One great way to mix gold for a family necklace is to have each pendant in a different color.  I like rose gold for my daughter, yellow gold for my oldest son and white gold for my middle boy.  Pictured above is an example of what one mom designed for her children's pendants. She went with green (yes, we have 14k green gold!), yellow and rose gold flat bar pendants in varying sizes, and a beautiful satin finish to complete the design.


Another customer not only went with different colors of gold for her kids, but included a cutout star on one and a different finish for each pendant which makes for a really eye-catching piece. Feel free to call 1-912-771-1133 or chat on our website with our designers anytime for a free consultation!






18k Gold Initial Charm with Diamond on Gold Chain

Initial Charms in 18K Gold


I've received such positive feedback highlighting initial charm trends that I thought I would share another of my favorite charms! Below is an initial charm in 18k solid gold.  I love the brightness of the 18k gold combined with the subtlety of unblackened text . The diamond cabochon adds brilliant sparkle to the finished piece.  They hang from a gorgeous gold drawn cable chain.


18k Gold Initial Charm with Cabochon



Initial jewelry isn't just for ladies either!  Check back next week for some trendy initial items for men!


Pave Initial Letter Pendant

Personalized Pave Initial Charms


Last week I touched upon 14k personalized initial charms on Trendy Tuesday and shared my family jumble necklace that I absolutely adore.  This week I want to share another great example of an initial charm with a little bling! 

Pictured below is our pave diamond initial charm on a dainty 14k solid gold square charm. The word 'pave' (pronounced pa vay) is derived from the French word meaning "pavement".  The diamonds are set closely together and held in place by beads of gold.  It creates a sparkling surface of diamonds with little space between them.  Click on the picture to order your letter today!








Hand Stamped Initial Charms with 14k Gold Rims - Family Necklace

Insert Your 14k Gold Initials Here


This week I'm highlighting one of my favorite trends in personalized jewelry - initial charms!  My career in jewelry making began by learning to stamp and finish initial charms and pendants with gold rims on them.  I then proceeded to branch out into designing more customized items.  However, I still adore initial and monogram charms for their juxtaposition between classic and modern design.  They are timeless pieces that can be worn everyday.  Check out my family jumble necklace below.  Each initial is for one of my kids, and the heart is for Andreas and me:




Trendy Tuesday - Colored Diamonds

Shine on you colored diamond!


It's Tuesday and I'm ready to talk trends! 


This week I want to touch upon colored diamonds. Of course everyone is familiar with traditional white diamonds, but if you want your custom jewelry to have a more modern, chic look, you should consider colored diamonds.  They are available in almost every hue of the rainbow - perfect for those looking to match wedding, graduation or bat mitzvah color themes. Colored diamonds are a great substitute for birthstones too, as they are much more brilliant and all around better gems.  Take a look at some recent pieces I made with these beauties:





 What is your favorite diamond color?  Respond in the comments below. 

See you same time, same place next week!