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The Brew/Drink/Run Necklace - A gift for a beer brewing & running nut - Giveaway

We've got a few of these crazy friends of ours who like to participate in the monotonous recreation of running. While I have dabbled in it on occasion, and admittedly think the events are rather exciting, I just can't bring myself to do it as my main form of exercise. As a long time wrestler, I spent endless hours running to lose weight and think the experience may have ruined running for me. I've made the leap from wrestling to jiu jitsu and prefer to do that than put one foot in front of the other trudging down a black slab.

Now that I have proclaimed my distaste for running, I will admit I can appreciate those who do it with conviction, drive, and purpose. I often ask people why they run. Some respond that they run for the exercise, social interaction, or the incredible feeling the get when they are done. I have a small group of friends who do it to run off the beer they drink... not just any beer, but rather the beer they make. A worthy reason to run.

They have created a group of friends local and around the world via their blog Brew/Drink/Run that love to do just that. They talk about home brewing, write craft beer reviews and chat about running. They assure me that they usually don't run right after drinking their home crafted beer.

 The Brew/Drink/Run folks were working on a gift guide for the running beer nut and approached us for some ideas. We came up with this fun silver rectangle bar necklace for the running brew geek. We put their blog name one the front and took some novel nicknames for the craft beer aficionado and placed them on the remaining sides. The charm has a satin finish and is hung on a leather adjustable necklace. They loved they design and agreed it's something their fans would wear proudly.

Design your own Men's Silver Necklace


The necklace we made is part of a giveaway that they are holding on the site.
Click here to enter if you like beer and run, or know someone who does.



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