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Not Into Jewelry? Go for a Personalized Key Chain

Want to give a meaningful personalized gift to someone, but you know they aren't the jewelry wearing type? We've all come across that special someone who is nearly impossible to shop for. Any effort, direct or sneaky, to unlock the secret to the ultimate gift is met with indifference.

If you often hear a long drawn out "Meh" when you hint at a beautiful piece of jewelry or make a fashion suggestion, then maybe a personalized key chain is the perfect solution. Our key chains are fashioned from the same material and with the same care as all of our jewelry, making a perfect heartfelt gift they can keep with them at all times, but not interfere with their overly selective fashion sense ;-)

These personalized key chains include special dates, quotes and initials in a few different layouts. We recently discussed graffiti jewelry designs in a post and this style is great for key chains as well. On the example to the left, we took a customer's new years resolution and turned it into an eye-catching daily reminder to help her reach her goals.

 Just about any charm can work on a key chain. Just select a key chain ring and then add a custom personalized charm of your choice.


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Silver Key Chain

Custom Heart Key chain


Personalized Custom Key Chain

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