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14k Gold "7" Necklace Charm

Any Design Can Come To Life: From Concept to Craftsmanship


Rough Sketch Turns into 14k Gold Necklace Charm



You may have seen custom jewelry that took the handwriting or drawing of a child and engraved it onto a charm; it's a fun way to capture some of childhoods early moments. This number seven charm takes that concept to an entirely new level.

This is a great example of how even a rough sketch can become a beautiful piece of jewelry. A few weeks back a customer came to us with a drawing her son had imagined as necklace. They weren’t sure how to conceptualize the final product but they sent us his sketch and trusted our skill and artistry to make it a reality.

You can get your own custom shape made.

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14K Number 7 Sapphire Pave Necklace

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Custom 14K Pave Charm - Custom Cut Shape

14k Gold and Sapphire Pave Necklace From Rough Sketch



A quick look at our final gold pave necklace.


Childs Drawing turned into a Real Piece of Jewelry



The original sketch we were given.





A close up of the necklace so you can see the intricacy in the layout of the stones and the care taken in mimicking the shape to match the rough sketch.






14k Gold and Sapphire Pave Necklace From Childs Drawing


 A perfect match!


14k Gold and Sapphire Pave Necklace

One final look at this stunning gold pave and sapphire necklace. A great gift for mom or a way to immortalize an image from your child's imagination? We love creating one of a kind handmade jewelry for our clients. If you've got an idea that's not fully realized we can ad that spark of creativity and show you mock ups along the way. Check out our Online Jewelry Design software if you just want to play around with some concepts or follow us on Instagram for daily inspiration.

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