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18K Cuff Links - Custom Handmade Jewelry

Custom Gold Cuff Links

We get to make lots of jewelry for some pretty amazing people. These particular cufflinks were made as gift for Les Moonves, the president of CBS, to recognize his work with a charity organization called Venice Family Clinic.  A California-based non profit organization, The Venice Family Clinic's mission is to provide quality health care to people in need.  Each March, the Clinic hosts its fundraising gala to recognize individuals who have made extraordinary efforts to help the Clinic meet the health needs of low-income individuals and families. This year, The Venice Family Clinic honored Mr. Moonves at the event with a token to show their gratitude for his philanthropy.  That's where we came in!


Cuff Link Design and Materials

The Clinic contacted us with a rough idea about making cufflinks that included the CBS logo somewhere and a tight deadline of just a few days. Rather than a normal stamped image,  we suggested that the entire cufflink be a three-dimensional relief of the logo to make a bold design.  Though our cufflinks are typically made of 14K gold, these are iconic CBS eyes were crafted from a beautiful 18K solid gold at their request.  We recommended stamping a message on the back as a reminder of the Venice Clinic's gratitude for Mr. Moonves' contributions.  Those small messages associate a date and place with the jewelry; reminding the recipient of his contribution to a good cause.

Monogram Cufflinks For CBS CEO

Making 18K Cuff Links

The face of the cuff links is made up of 3 separate parts. Each component of the logo cufflinks were all hand-cut, shaped, welded, and soldered together.  Combining polished and satin finishes work to create a nice contrast and depth to the cufflinks.  These cuff links came out weighty, something you notice right away when you pick them up.

Custom Cufflinks Given to the CEO of CBS

 I really appreciate The Venice Family Clinic's  faith and trust in my vision - the end results were beyond everyone's expectations, even my own.  Getting to work on meaningful projects for amazing people and charities are constant reminders that I have the best job out there!

Custom Cufflinks with CBS Logo

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